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What makes breaking in SOP and why you have to do it, explained

Soul Breaking in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin inflicts a big damage, gives a player several pleasant I-frames, restores its MP and increases its maximum MP. There are almost no minuses in its use, but at a certain point, the ability of the player will surpass Soul Break. To perform Soul Break, players must reduce the Break Gauge Scale before zero.

Do you always need to break enemies

With a low level MP SOUL BREAK is one of the most useful ways to apply damage and increase the maximum player MP. As soon as the players have a comfortable level of MP, they can start spending MP to damage enemies with combo abilities as well * Magic . Advanced and expert tasks will be able to constantly apply more damage, without relying on Soul Break. Soul Break deals Damage from gap ** to enemies in close proximity, and can also hit the enemies about the wall to apply more damage.

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how to break the soul

Application of sufficient damage with the help of parry, attacks and combo ability to deprive the scale of the enemy break. This is a strip under the health band, and some professions specialize in applying more damage from the break than others. As soon as the scale is exhausted, the enemy will have a hint that will show:

  • PlayStation 4/5 : Circle
  • Xbox One / S / x Series : B

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