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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Guide: Complete solutions for boss fights, jobs and where to start

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is the new action-RPG from Square Enix and Team Ninja, available for PlayStation 5 and PS4 now. While it comes in some areas too short, we think that it makes up with his funny fighting back well and the game a 6/10 in our lends Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin PS5 test .

The game can sometimes be a challenge, but we spent forty hours with it and collected a number of important tips and tricks to all to help would-be warriors who need help. This Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Guide is here to help, by the quirks of the combat system to the approach to some of the bosses. Think of this as a starter package for those of you who want something to be better prepared in your battle against chaos.

* Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Guide: * basics, fighting and Getting Started

In this section of our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Guide we will go through some of the basics to give you an idea of what you can expect from the game.

Is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin a Souls game?

Stranger of Paradise is not a Soul Like regardless of want to do what the pre-release hype in some circles you believe. It is a third-person action role-playing game that occasionally has abbreviations, and here the similarities end with the Souls series. Therefore, you should do so not necessarily tackle with the same caution as a Souls game – it can sometimes be challenging, but there is hardly a death penalty, so go on, be aggressive, do not be afraid to experiment and you believe not that you have to run back to a checkpoint to rest if you have any more potions and diminishes your health.

Basic controls

At the beginning of the game there is a tutorial that can be repeated as needed and will help you to understand the core mechanisms of the fight stranger of Paradise .

  • Dodge is mapped to X and is an essential skill that makes you temporarily invincible, when you run, dodge to an enemy attack.
  • blocking is achieved by holding L1 and negates most, if not all incoming damage, unless the attack can not be blocked.
  • soul shield allows capture an incoming hostile spell you, by holding Circle. Once you have captured a spell, you can hold it at any time to use it by tapping on the square, but you can only capture magic, the purple are highlighted, while the enemy attacking them.
  • attack is associated with R1, and all jobs and weapons play quite the same. Repeatedly tap R1 to attack, and while you attack, your MP-meter fills.
  • skills require MP to use. Each job has also tap his own ability that is associated with R2, some of which are more useful than others, but you may end up a combo at R2 to a combo finisher to use – these skills do more damage, but require MP, to use them.

breaking and MP

Soul bursts typically involve many red crystals and a dead monster

Two key components of the fight in stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin are Break and MP. Below we explain what they mean in each case.


enemies break is the key to the fight stranger of Paradise . If you reduce the breakage indication of an enemy to zero, it will fall to the ground and you can use it button Circle do in an action with a tap of which is known as soul break. But at destroying enemies is not just a matter of doing it more quickly, than to reduce their health in the conventional way – if you do an enemy with a soul break easily raise your maximum MP, and the more MP you have, the more options you have in combat. You should always aim at enemies to do breaking them where possible.


MP is your most valuable asset in stranger of paradise. While you can hit R1 to run all day attack combinations, it is the bigger skills that R2 are assigned that really hammer your enemies and make short work of their rupture indicator. These skills require MP to use, and it is natural that you are more deadly in combat, the more MP you have. As we have already mentioned, should you care Breaking aim your enemies, your MP build reserves.

You will lose some MP when you die. Losing MP after death means that particular boss fights can be difficult with every death.

Once you have found a boss, you might need one or two attempts to spy on him – the timing of its attacks, its speed, how aggressive he is, etc. But these deaths are your decrease MP to the standard two bars down and so we found that it was helpful to withdraw as far as possible from the last checkpoint to a couple of cannon fodder enemies possible, to build the MP bars back up before they fight again against the boss.

prey and equipment

If you equip your equipment of the highest level, you rarely look cool

If you succeed, a boss in defeating stranger of Paradise they are the bottom of the arena in order to shower prey. You can also find prey in each level into chests and when regular enemies defeat . This loot is random and roughly corresponds to the level of the dungeon, where you just find yourself. Enemies can drop weapons, armor or sometimes potions .

Sun prey works in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

If you have a large sword at Level 1 and take a large sword on level 10 in hand, it’s essentially the same weapon, but with higher values. Some weapons and armor off special abilities freely, and some weapons are imbued with an element, which means that you can create lightning damage, for example, on every shot. The short version is, however, that it is best to equip most of the time for all the loot you collect on your journey through each level, only all things of the highest level. It’s not a complicated system, and here there is not much room for interpretation.

The armor also changed your appearance. So if you are among the players who like it when their group members look cool, then you should be aware that your highest gear is rarely form an ensemble. If you want an outfit that goes, then you have to sacrifice some power almost certainly.

Stranger of Paradise | Get Overpowered EARLY! in Final Fantasy Origin

The last thing you should look at the equipment, the affinity to the profession. Often a piece of armor is delivered with an affinity for a particular job. Let’s say you have a hat with 20% White Mage affinity. If you also have a nice pants with 20% White Mage affinity, then you have a total of 40% White Mage affinity. Each job comes with bonus perks are unlocked at certain affinity levels. So, if you want, you can try to combine all your gear with the same affinity, but we rarely found this unlocks worth the effort and went mostly with the highest level equipment for stat boosts.

level up

You can improve multiple jobs simultaneously

You need to look at two levels: Your job level and your equipment level. Below, we explain what they mean.

Job Level

Job Level is how much you have incremented a certain class in the game, and the higher the level, the more skills you can use and the higher are the statistics that you have while you are using this job. Just to be in the fight, is the job that you use, level up, but it will also slowly level up jobs for which you have worn objects affinity.

This means that you can improve getting several jobs at once, and you should always strive for this. While you may not be interested in the Mage job, you may be interested in Dark Knight, and one of the requirements to this class unlock, is to level up the Mage enough Black Mage unlock, and then the Black Mage enough free leveling Unlock Dark Knight. You should see the job tree which jobs unlock what other jobs, so you know what you need to build.

jobs can until level 30 to rise (to you the play by play and have unlocked Chaos Mode ) and each has its own skill tree, which consists of new attacks stat boosts and other class unlocks. At the beginning of the game a handful of simple jobs available, but soon you will unlock advanced jobs and later experts jobs that can only be unlocked by enough time to invest in two or three classes first, or use a special item known to Anima splitter .

Job-level It is important to have an eye on it, and you should not assume that an Advanced job is absolutely better than a basic job without taking him taking into account job level . While, for example, the best spelljob is in the game, a stage 30 is more useful than a wise of level 1, as the values ​​and abilities that they unlock them when reaching these thirty levels are increased. It is helpful, a high-ranking job and one that you just work to equalize – in this way you can always use the big guns when you have problems.

The last thing you need to know about the levels of jobs is the use of Anima Splitter . Most of the missions in the game will take you with a reward Anima Splitter or two after completion, and these items are used to immediately apply many experience points to a job of your choice. So tempting it may also be to use it just immediately to improve your current job, best use it for a job that you do not equip, but you have to rely on to have a future job on advanced or expert Release Level. Anima Splitter Can be the time you need to play a job that you are not interested in significantly reducing or even completely eliminating, just to unlock it’s interested in.

Gang level

Do not pay attention to the recommended level for missions. This refers to your gait . This is the average level of weapons and armor, which they have equipped. For the recommended equipment level of a mission you will almost always be underlevelt. However, as long as you can kill a few enemies before you die in a mission, you will collect enough booty to improve your Gait and if you repeat this a few times, you will be at eye level with that Wherever they should be, without having to spend eternity, boring co-missions to play to bring their equipment to the front man.

We regularly made missions with a recommended level…