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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Guide: Tips, Tricks and where to start

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is the new Action RPG of Square Enix and Team Ninja, which is now available for PlayStation 5 and PS4. While it comes to a short time in some areas, we think that it is good with his funny struggles again and a 6/10 in our gives Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin PS5 Test .

The game can sometimes be a challenge, but we spent forty hours and collected a number of important tips and tricks to help all would have warriors need help. This Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Guide is here to help from the quaints of the combat system to approximation to some of the bosses. Consider this as a starter package for those of you who want to be better prepared in your fight against chaos.

* Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Guide: * Basics, Fight and Getting Started

In this section of our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Guide We will pass some of the foundations to give you an idea of ​​what you can expect from the game.

is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin A Souls Game?

Stranger of Paradise is not a soulslike , regardless of what the pre-release hype in some circles you want to believe. It is a third-person action roleplay that occasionally has abbreviations, and here the similarities end with the souls series. Therefore, you should not necessarily tackle this with the same caution like a souls game – it can sometimes be challenging, but there is hardly a death penalty, so do you continue, be aggressive, do not be afraid of experimenting and believe you Not that you have to reclaim to a checkpoint to rest, if you have no drinks more and your health will declare.

Basic controls

At the beginning of the game there is a tutorial that can be repeated as needed and helps you understand the core mechanisms of the fight stranger of paradise .

  • Dodge is mapped to X and is an essential ability that makes it imprincible briefly if you race to avoid an enemy attack.
  • Blocking is achieved by holding L1 and negates most, if not the entire incoming damage, unless the attack can not be blocked.
  • Soul Shield Allows you to capture a detailed enemy spell by holding down Circle. As soon as you captured a spell, you can capture him and use it at any time by tapping on square, but you can only capture spells that are highlighted by purple while the enemy attacks you.
  • Attack is assigned to R1, and all jobs and weapons play pretty much. They repeatedly tap R1 to attack, and while they attack, their MP display fills.
  • Skills require MP to use. Each job has its own ability to be assigned to R2, some of which are more useful than others, but you can also tap R2 at the end of a combo to use a combo finisher – these skills cause more damage, but MP, requires MP, To use them.

Breaking and MP

Soul bursts usually include many red crystals and a dead monster

Two key components of the fight in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin are break and mp . Below we explain what they mean.

Stranger of Paradise Beginner Guide: Getting Started Tips and Tricks I Wish I Knew Before Playing


Bridge enemies is the key to fight stranger of paradise . If you reduce the breakage of a enemy to zero, it will fall to the ground and you can do it with a tap of the Circle button in an action that is known Soul fracture . But when destroying enemies, it’s not just about doing it faster than to reduce your health in a conventional way – if you get an enemy with A soul fracture lifts your maximum mp slightly, and the more MP you have, the more options you have in the fight. You should always aim to get enemies break where possible.


mp is your most important well in stranger of paradise . While you can beat R1 to run all the day attack combinations, it is the larger abilities that R2 are associated with your enemies really hammering and short process with your breakage. These skills require MP to use, and so it is suggested that they are even more fatally in the fight, the more MP they have. As we have already mentioned, you should target Your enemies to build your MP ** reserves.

You will lose something mp if you die. Losing mp After death means that boss fights can become more difficult with each other death.

As soon as you have found a boss, you may need one or two attempts to spy on it – the timing of his attacks, his speed, how aggressive he is etc. But these deaths will reduce their mp on the standard two bars And so we found that it was helpful to retire if possible from the last checkpoint to eradicate a pair of the gun food enemies and to build mp bars again before they fight against the boss.

Booty and equipment

When you equip your highest level equipment, you rarely look cool

If you manage to defeat a boss stranger of paradise You will throw the floor of the arena with it booty . You can also find booty in each level chests and when defeat regular enemies . This booty is randomly selected and approximately the level of the dungeon in which you are currently in. Enemies can drop weapons, armor or sometimes drinks .

How works in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

If you have a large sword of the step 1 and take a large sword of the step 10 in hand, it is essentially the same weapon, but with higher values. Some weapons and armor turns special skills free, and some weapons are penetrated with an element, which means that they can cause lightning damage for each blow. The short version is that you for all the prey, which you collect on your journey through each level, most of the time only all the things of the highest level. It is not a complicated system at all, and there is not much room for interpretations.

Armor also changes your appearance. So if you belong to the players who like it, if your group members look cool, then you should be aware that your highest equipment is rarely forming an ensemble. If you want an outfit that goes, then you have to sacrifice something with certainty.

The last, where you should pay attention to the equipment, the affinity is to work. Often a armor part is delivered with an affinity to a specific job. Take on, they have a hat with 20% white magician affinity. If you also have a beautiful pants with 20% white-magicous affinity, then you have a total of 40% white magician affinity. Each job is equipped with bonus perks, which are activated for certain affinity levels. So if you want, you can try to combine your entire equipment with the same affinity, but we found these unlocks rarely worth the effort and mostly went with the highest level equipment for the stat boosts.


You can improve several jobs at the same time

You must pay attention to two levels: your job level and your equipment Level . In the following we explain what they mean.

Job Level

Job Level is how much you have sought a particular class in the game, and the higher the level, the more skills you can use and the higher the statistics you have while using this job. Only in combat will be the job you use, but it will slow down jobs for which you have an affinity through worn objects.

This means that you can always improve several jobs at the same time, and you should always strive for this. While you may not be interested in the MAGE job, you may be interested in Dark Knight, and one of the requirements to unlock this class is to level the Mage enough to unlock Black Mage, and then the Black Mage Enough To levels turns Dark Knight free. You should review the job tree which jobs unlock which other jobs so you know which you need to build up.

Workplaces can upgrade to level 30 (until you played the game and unlocked Chaos fashion ) and everyone has its own capability tree consisting of new attacks, stat boosts and other class free circuits. At the beginning of the game, a handful of simple jobs are available, but soon they will unlock advanced jobs and later expert jobs that can only be unlocked by investing enough time in two or three classes or use a special object called Anima splitter .

Job-level It is important to have an eye on it, and you should not assume that an Advanced job is absolutely better than a basic job without taking him taking into account job level . While, for example, the best spelljob is in the game, a stage 30 is more useful than a wise of level 1, as the values ​​and abilities that they unlock them when reaching these thirty levels are increased. It is helpful, a high-ranking job and one that you just work to equalize – in this way you can always use the big guns when you have problems.

The last thing you need to know about the levels of jobs is the use of Anima Splitter . Most of the missions in the game will take you with a reward Anima Splitter or two after completion, and these items are used to immediately apply many experience points to a job of your choice. So tempting it may also be to use it just immediately to improve your current job, best use it for a job that you do not equip, but you have to rely on to have a future job on advanced or expert Release Level. Anima Splitter Can be the time you need to play a job that you are not interested in significantly reducing or even completely eliminating, just to unlock it’s interested in.

Gang level

Do not pay attention to the recommended level for missions. This refers to your gait . This is the average level of weapons and armor, which they have equipped. For the recommended equipment level of a mission you will almost always be underlevelt. However, as long as you can kill a few enemies before you die in a mission, you will collect enough booty to improve your Gait and if you repeat this a few times, you will be at eye level with that Wherever they should be, without having to spend eternity, boring co-missions to play to bring their equipment to the front man.

We regularly made missions with a recommended level…