Search in common rooms in the future revelation of the Hogwarts Heritage


The healthy rivalry of the four Hogwarts houses provides a large part of the dorsal spine to excel at school, while proud Gryffindors try to claim house points in their continuation of the House Cup while the pupsouffles are simply happy to have one or two on the tray. It seems that Hogwarts Legacy will fully adopt the competition when launching at the end of 2022, the game ranking you in a house at the very beginning.

And with each house with its own unique common room, it could potentially create a little difference between the parties. Today Status Present shared insights from each of the four hospitable gatherings, and future news rhythms will deepen what makes each different. “Expect a more in-depth review of the common rooms later this year,” said Chandler Wood community leader on the PlayStation blog.

The common rooms of Serdaigle and Poufsouffle are rarely mentioned in books and movies, and Avalanche Software is called “excited” to share its interpretations of spaces. The yellow team “rests high in a tower” while the chopsouffles “reside in a comfortable basement”. Future revelations will show them in all their splendor before the release of the PlayStation 5, PS4 of Hogwarts Legacy at the end of this year.

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