Final Fantasy XIV

Is it possible to jump in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin?

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin gives us alternative and detailed retelling of the first game Final Fantasy, complemented by classic enemies of Final Fantasy in a clear 3D and fully implemented locations of the missions that you want to explore. Unfortunately, as in the original Final Fantasy- you can not jump during the study or in battle.

This is pretty disappointing, as the game creates beautiful and detailed cards for which you can run, but these cards are frighteningly linear, while holding you on a specific track and turning your movement into sprint and jerk (usually) narrow corridors, without vertical any movement in game.

The game has certain areas where you can find an opportunity to arrange an ambush on enemies from the elevations. These cases, however, usually consist only that you throw something on anyone unsuspecting enemies downstairs, and then enter into battle with an attack that can get or not to get.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Before You Buy

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