Where to find a mogue, Oman in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring a huge number of enemies and bosses. Although there are some who need to be defeated, the overwhelming majority of bosses in the game are not mandatory. Among the optional bosses there is could, meaning . This boss, not to be confused with Mochg, the Blood Blood, you can find in Underground avoiding land in Lendel, the Royal Capital (the area that will be Lindel, the capital of the ash later in the game).

Could, the omen is a very difficult battle with the boss, and it should be started only when players feel that they are strong enough to fight him. The fact that this optional collision with the boss does not mean that players should ignore it.

What falls out of a mog, signs when he defeats?

By defeating the Moga, Oman, players will receive 100,000 runes and a bloody claws spell. This spell is very powerful and can be useful for players who have invested significant funds in the attributes of faith and secret magic.

The spell will require the level of faith 13 and the level of the secret magic 15. It will close 21 stamina for use and create bloody bombs that will explode, causing damage to enemies in the area.

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