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How to hide a headdress in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Although Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin may not be the most saturated story of the game Final Fantasy, which we have ever received, watch the expression of individuals of characters during the rollers nice. Many hats in the game closes the faces of your character. Fortunately, you can hide your headdress so that it does not interfere with the plot rollers.

To hide your headpiece, open Main menu And go down to System Settings . When the system settings menu is open, you will find the option for Hiding the head unit V Top . Simply Switch the option on per . This ensures that you will no longer see the headdress in your group, and you can turn it on again at any time.

You can open the system settings menu even in the middle of battle, but it not stop game. Such changes are best to enter when you are not in battle, in Cuba or are on the mission selection screen.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin - Before You Buy

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