Kingdom Hearts fans are disappointed with Switchs playable demos

Playing Kingdom Hearts Demos on Switch
Kingdom Hearts will be available soon on the Switch consoles via the cloud. Square Enix had announced that the cloud versions of the game will arrive on Nintendo’s portable platform on February 10.

To give fans an idea of ​​how the game will operate on the cloud, Square Enix has published three playable demos so that they can enjoy it. Unfortunately, it seems that the Kingdom Hearts community is not too happy with these demos. In addition, it appeared that most of their problems come from the fact that they are required to broadcast the game on the Internet.

Several fans of Kingdom Hearts complained about having undergone image frequency stunning, poor image quality, image losses and an entrance offset while they played the demos. Some players also complained that the game felt lower than versions on other consoles.

“I’m playable, yes_”, wrote a fan of Kingdom Hearts. “But, it does not look like the complete experience.”

Other players even shared game videos of their experience, showing a lot of image frequency stammer. Despite a solid Internet connection, the offset would have been too important for the game to be at the limit of unplayability.

Some Kingdom Hearts fans are also worried about the long-term availability of the game. As it is playable only on Switch via a cloud streaming service, they fear that the game does not become unclean if the service is disconnected one day.

Why should I pay all that money for a game that will not even be playable in the future? ” Complained another fan. Switch players can get the games for $ 90.

Square Enix has previously announced that there could be native switch ports in the future. Unfortunately, the studio has not provided any specific details about these native ports yet.

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