The toxic players of League of Legends can not have a good mask

_ Legends_ players get a new mask, but fussy players who ruin the game for others will never be able to possess it. In fact, only those who are the most honorable according to the parameters established by the honor system of the game may possess the cosmetic when it is available. That will be awarded to the players who reach the level of honor 5 each time the end-of-season rewards are delivered at the end of this year, said Riot Games, so anyone who wants that and another reward will have to begin to reevaluate his Behavior in the game if it is currently less than desirable.

How To Deal With TOXIC Players & Teammates in League of Legends

Riot plans for new rewards based in honor were detailed in the last publication on the league_ behavioral systems and how they impact the community. Much of this approach in the behavior has dealt with the more atrocious criminals, but Riot said it is looking for ways to improve the behavior of players who are not so problematic but they still constitute the majority of the reports after ” They lean from time to time ».. » To achieve this, Riot is reinforcing the honor rewards to include both a special recovery animation and the new aspect.

«This year, we are increasing the rewards with a new Special VFX withdrawal for players who have honor 5 or have received an honor of a non-prefabricated or two prefabricated in their last game. Similar to the special withdrawal of Challenger, you ‘now I will have the opportunity to show a new special retirement of honor, “said Hana« Timtammonster »Dinh, leader of behavioral systems products.

While that recovery animation can be obtained from more than one way, you must have the level of honor 5 if you want the new mask. We do not know what champion will this aspect be available at this time, but whoever it is, that will be the only way to obtain it.

“We are working hard on an exclusive aspect only for players who reach honor 5 as part of the weekend rewards,” Dinh said. “These exclusive rewards will give you a new way of lucting yourself in the game, in addition to the masks, chromas and other existing honor rewards. So now is the time to honor you! Stay tuned for more details”.

We will see new details about the appearance and animation of retirement at some time this season, but until then, plan to increase that level of honor in liga if you want the rewards at the end of the season.