Gladbachs sport director Virkus sees “individual and structural mistakes”

Born in Gladbach, part of the foals for 30 years: Roland Virkus has already witnessed a lot. But since February, the experienced man has moved into the focus. Virkus stepped into the large footsteps of Eberl – and the Borussia is currently known to be where she had not seen himself before the season: in the lower table finish with only a few numbers lead to the descent zone.

The most recent highly deserved 2: 3 at VFB Stuttgart, where the Eleven from the Lower Rhine was clearly inferior to a crisis-born club despite initial 2-0 leadership, had new worries arise. For example, at Captain Yann Summer, who had spoken by a demonstration of Swabia, or world champion Christoph Kramer with his recognized “1000 construction sites”.

Virkus referred to also critical Herthaners in the run-up to the home game against “Sky” – and had to give his leadership almost quasi right: “There are many things that are currently not fit. It’s individual and structural mistakes.” But he does not see “missing passion” within the team. “I would not say that now, but maybe inadequate communication.”

“We have discussed that with Chris”

Nevertheless, according to Virkus, the way in Kramers analysis was possibly too much for the game. Of the sports director assessment of his interview a week ago: “Chris Kramer, yes, there we talked about it internally. We want to have fühlian players. And Chris has said his mind after a game where he was certainly eaten. Ultimately But clarify internally, we discussed that with the Chris and before the team. And that’s also ticked off. “

Borussia M'gladbach - Herha Berlin 2-0 Highlights | Bundesliga - 2021/2022

Criticism of fans, media and the tense environment in which Borussia is currently moving, Virkus did not apply to Hertha BSC against Hertha BSC. Approximately on an alleged group formation, which is counterproductive regarding the planned Bundesliga success. “There will always be groups,” says Gladbacher sports director. “Ultimately, it is of course important that these groups work together.”

In the end must, found Virkus, simply the turnaround succeed. That’s exactly why he and the bosses with trainer team have also been received in the last few days: “Of course we have taken the team in the duty, they must deliver, that’s very clear.”

Virkus: Hütter also in Bochum on the bench

Trainer Adi Hütter, who could not stand on the sideline due to a corona infection against the old lady and was represented by Christian Peintinger, is not the debate: “The plan is that Adi Hütter sits on Friday in Bochum on the bench “

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