How to hire thunder yurgule in triangle strategy

Another war on Earth was flared by another war, as a result of which many citizens committed criminal actions in the name of survival. As a result, the number of cases of gangsters increased, as a result of which the theft and other unscrupulous actions became commonplace. One woman, in particular, saw in the middle of the person, to what despair people reached, and decided to help put an end to the war… Ironfist, Yurgggin Thunder . That’s how to hire thunder Yurgin in a triangle strategy.

Triangle Strategy Is It Worth It?

Where to find and recruit Thunder Yurgin

The story of the Thunder Character may appear on the world map at any time after the history of the characters will be presented in Chapter V: invaded darkness Although it does not suit the party until the convictions of Sernea for utility and freedom strong enough To join her. If you have any problems with the advent of thunder, do not give up – just focus on strengthening the beliefs of Serena, participating in simulation battles or the events of the main plot, and you will instantly get into your team of this elite martial arts master.

As soon as the story of the Thunder Character is revealed, Look a short screensaver To find out about her participation in the Saltime war 30 years ago and how she earned a nickname of aiconfist. After the attack of the group of Rosellan gangsters, the thunder was able to see how the people of Norzelia fell far from the current war. Then she joins the house of Wolffort because of the desire to put an end to the suffering of people. Unlock it as a gaming character .

Abilities Thunder Yurgina

Suitable for someone with an iron fist, thunder uses an impressive set of martial arts abilities in battle. Her initial weapons are the fists of the destruction, which she deftly uses to crush their enemies. A grinding blow causes physical damage to opponents through three horizontal spaces as well as the ability to Opponents .

On the other hand, Energy Wave inflicts physical damage enemies. From afar And the passive skill of Cross Counter allows the thunder counterattack when evasion an enemy attack. Thunders are not the highest protection rates, but it can become very deadly force in any team. If you are looking for a character with high attack characteristics, be sure to pick up the thunder as soon as possible!

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