“Mikuni Shiman Battle”, PK season “Tenka battle” is open soon! What do you have to achieve the uniformity?

QOOKKA ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED Co., Ltd. Cae Tecomo Games History Simulation Games “Sangokushi 13” IP is used, and a smartphone for smartphone developed under the company’s supervision “Mikuni Shimitsu”. The game announced to start the PK season “Tenka battle” from March 12, 2012.

QOOKKA ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED Co., Ltd. Cae Tecomo Games History Simulation Games “Sangokushi 13” IP is used, and a smartphone for smartphone developed under the company’s supervision “Mikuni Shimitsu”.

From March 12, 2022, the game will announce that you start the PK season “Tenka.”

In this season, let’s check the latest information together what new elements are added.

# Tenka contest-thorough counter-counterparts by two major camps

In this season, the “Cauta Suga-owned by Sucso, which has been approaching one step to the Tenba, and the” Countermeasure battle “by Sona Sakai, which holds thorough anti-war, is unfolded.

This time, the monarch is randomly distributed by Cao, Sakai Sakai, and will be able to participate in each side.

The dominant area is different, but there is no difference between both furses. Squidion of the camp takes place in units of servers.

If the birth server is the same, the sorted camp will always be the same. In addition, the season will not be able to change after the camp.

In the season, there are two settlement stages for the season mid-season and the season end.

The Seagu Single will make a settlement setup of the season when the Cao Zhou is Chengdu, or when Son’s Sucralian occupies the passion.

And at the end of the season, it is calculated based on the number of state-CHOTO, which occupied by both sides occupied, and the higher the height value will win.

If the height value is the same, both are considered to be defeated. Therefore, the monarch will unite and do our best to contribute to the camp!

# Wainered Army Relief-The supremacy is still in your own hand

Good news for the monarch that is disgusting to be tied to the camp. In the season, the womained military system will revive.

It is opened after the completion of “Temple of Temple of Heavenly Hitosan” during the season, and the monarch will be the nursing army.

However, the event has the condition of the number limit and the war value, and the place where you can do is the location and the neighborhood. In addition, Junjira in Birth State will take gold.

Please keep track of the above, who wants to be a wandering army.

And this season has also changed the wounded military financial resource rules.

At the time of the financial results of the season, the wandering army occupies one or more state polls, and only the decree with the contribution value can earn financial rewards.

If the wandering army is not occupied by the state and its own contribution value is low, we can only earn the war reward, so judge it firmly if it becomes a nursing army or not.

# New system appears one after another, new innovation at the battlefield that changes over time!

In this season, the following new system is introduced.

All of them will be an element that greatly affects the war station, so let’s use these well and connect to victory!

# # Seasonal system

When a seasonal system is introduced, the unique effects of each spring and summer autumn and winter are triggered.

And in each season, certain probabilities occur with certain probabilities, and additional effects may be applied.

According to the change of season, if you use that effect well, you will be able to take advantage of it.

# # Secret policy system

In this season, when the level is reached, the alliance will be able to use the powerful “secret” skills.

The secretarial measures have a strong effect that changes the war station in blinks, so let’s take advantage of this and get a victory.

# # Missing Building System

This season does not belong to every side of the neutral district.

To raise the venue of neutral areas, you need to occupy a wharf and castle or build military stations. Every time, based on the venue of the neutral district, it determines the folk-minded attribution.

Those who are in the first time are the lower people who have the fall of the county, and the lower people are the debuff effect “Increased morale consumption”. Therefore, the folk-mind intelligence will be a strategic one-factor in the season.

# # Citadel destruction system

In this season, when a certain camp’s alliance occupies an conflicting NPC castle and a close place, they will be destroyed.

In addition, in the first battle, it is not destroyed, and it will be in that state only for looting. If the fortune is destroyed, the increase in the resource will disappear, the strength of the defensive army, the endurance limit, and the alliance buff etc. will be reduced.

In addition, after the fort is destroyed, it will be ready to set up. Once you have re-set, you will increase the increase in resource, the strength of the defensive army, and the end of the durable value.

The time required to re-start is the Castle level.

In addition, in this PK season, SP 袁, 関, 邕,, 沮, and more five new warlords and new case war methods appear.

I’m looking forward to what kind of education and strategy will be newly created by the monarch!

Finally, according to the new season, we have a lot of happy events in the game, such as “2 times the first charge”, so please check the official Twitter account without forgetting if you are anxious!

# “Mikuni Shiman Battle”

“Mikuni Hitoshi” is a smartphone game app developed by Qookka Entertainment Limited under the supervision of Cae Tecomo Games.

“Mikuni” series The way of playing the original is firmly inherited.

In this work, the player can fight fairly with anyone by realizing a new leather new point called “astrody and a real battlefield rule”.

There is no game design that “If you charge it will be stronger if you charge” because the player-selected strategy and tactics are reflected in the combat results. In a realistic battlefield environment, the opportunistic brain is more important than anything else.

PK season “Tenka contest”, opened soon!
Survive the Three Kingdoms, and add the head with your intention!

New warlords will participate in the new season!
Variations of education are even more diversified!
The first user’s user is also the first time, please experience the realistic three kingdom battlefield in the “Mikuni Miki Miki”!

# Game Download

App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/id1524742294
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.qookkagame.sgzzlb.gp.com

# Official Information Site

Official site: https://sangokushi.qookkagames.jp/prism-kldd0u80 Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/shinsen_sgs Official Line: https://lin.ee/s2obmrt Official Discord: https://discord.gg / Shinsen

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