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LOL: Superligas teams will have a place less at the European Masters and this is the reason

The national competitions of League of Legends throughout Europe are about to conclude. The official Riot Games regional leagues dispute their last meetings and teams are prepared for the playoff phase thinking both to raise the title how to reach the classification to the next European Masters , the second maximum competition of the continent. However, the announcement of the tournament has left a bad taste of mouth to the surgual fans when seeing that Spain will have a place less than the great European regions.

a punishment in the last years of the superliga

While LFL (France) and Ultraliga (Poland) will have two teams in the main event and another pair in the qualifying phase, Spaniard amateurs will have to settle for a representation of only three sets . As in the major regions, two will go directly to the “main event“, while one of them will have to earn that right from what is known as “play- in “. This circumstance has generated doubts between amateurs given the Good situation of the superliga and the lack of explanations of Riot Games.

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Most likely, to decide which ones are the great regions, the ESPORTS Division employees of League of Legends have created a coefficient similar to that they use the Worlds . In this, the international results obtained by the large regions are taken into account, granting an extra square to the first classifieds. This situation, given the poor performance of the Spanish sets in past editions, would explain why the National League is not at the head of Europe.

Accounting from the LFL Foundation (2019), these are the summary results of the European Masters:

Based on the results, The truth is that both LFL and ultraligate have a greater number of titles and finalists . In addition, we must bear in mind that Poland absorbed the Baltic Masters, competition that also gave a place to the previous phase of the second large European competition. Prize for them and punishment for a superliga that, although now it seems to be equipped with the highest level continental leagues, it was not up to its history during the last couple of years. A circumstance that will force Spanish teams from disadvantage to this new distribution of places.

In any case, the Spanish sets will have in your hand to put the superliga on the highest step of the European League of Legends. For this, they will have to be up to the circumstances and reach the most advanced phases of the competition. Everything will be decided in a competition that will begin on April 4 with its previous phase and will end on May 7 with a great end that, unfortunately, will still be played in non-face-to-face format.