Final Fantasy XIV

Can you get a cloud after the first prize in Chocobo GP?

Chocobo GP is full of cult characters and tracks from various Final Fantasy games. This allows you and your friends to participate in racing for your favorite characters of the series. Few people can be more religious and popular than Claud Straff from Final Fantasy VII, which is available in the prize subscription to the first season.

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The cloud is available only as it unlocks the level of 60 V prize subscription of the first season Chokobo GP. That the first season ends on May 16, 2022, at 14:59 of the Japanese standard time . But this puts the question of whether you can get Claud after the end of the first Chocobo GP season.

Will CLOUD be available after the end of the first Chocobo GP season?

Unfortunately, We do not know this answer . Claud is one of the most iconic characters in the Final Fantasy series and, possibly, in games. Therefore, it is unlikely that Square Enix will not make this character available to all players. But there is no official confirmation whether it is possible to earn or buy a cloud after graduating from the first season.

If you can still get a claw after the end of the first Chocobo GP season, it will probably be very expensive. Regardless of whether the cloud is worth the tickets, Mithril or Gil, it is likely to be needed by a large number of any of these currencies.

If you prefer not to risk skipping a cloud, we recommend purchasing a prize pass and raise the level until you unlock it. Otherwise, you can throw bones and hope that it will be available after the end of the first Chocobo GP season.

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