How to invade Elden Ring

Like the previous games Soulsborne, Elden Ring allows players to invade other worlds and fight with other players in PVP battles. While players will know how to take their best gear for online battle, learn how to invade Elden Ring.

To invade the worlds of other players in Elden Ring, you will need Bloody finger Element when connecting to the Internet. To receive Bloody Fingers, players must perform a number of tasks before they can repeat the invasion item to terrorize other users that we have listed below.

How to get a bloody finger in Elden Ring

  • Defeat HOMIC CREATING ON Stormweight Castle .
  • Be sure to visit Round table After victory over this boss.
  • Talk with Bellice Warra in Pink Church To get a bloody finger in Elden Ring.

Check the maps listed below to find each critical place in the qualest chain “Bloody finger”.

Location Homerik Village


Homricted and castle Stormweight lie north-west of Limgrave. You will have to go through one of the dungeons of the game to fight with Godrick and access the second game sector, Liurnia of the Lakes, defeating it.

Round Table

Players automatically fall into a round table as part of the story as soon as they find several seats of grace and talk several times with Melina in Elden Ring. After players visited the round table once, they can return by reducing the scale of the card and choosing a black sphere in the extreme left corner of their card.

Bellitz Warra Location

Players can find a pink church on a small island in Liurni on the lakes, and the church is located right south of the main island in the lake. As soon as you arrive, go to the front of the object to find Belolitz Warra.

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