Seven questions and answers to Formula 1

What’s up?

**** Once again, Formula 1 tests its new cars before it starts right: Thursday to Saturday, the bolides are hunted around the course in Bahrain. It is important to better understand the new regulations – because a week later, it’s the same place at World Cup points: On March 20, the season starts on the desert course. World Champion Max Stapen in the Red Bull is also in the spotlight as Record Champion Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes, also Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher have a lot before.

Who convinced immediately?

**** Especially McLaren and Ferrari worked strongly at the first tests in Barcelona, ​​were easily quite fast and could complete many kilometers. Above all, the two ambitious racing stalls, which were most recently clearly clearly the second guard behind Mercedes and Red Bull. The new regulations have apparently implemented them well.

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The field also moves closer together?

1-on-1 with 7-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton | GMA

**** That was the great hope: Under the new budget cover, all teams have to design a new boldy. As a result, the old power relationships should break, and the formula 1 should be less class society than so far. At least the test in Barcelona was promising: McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull lay surprisingly close together, with some residue formed behind the remaining six teams as close a field.

What does that mean for the start of the season in Bahrain?

**** Unfortunately not much yet. The test in Barcelona was a maiden ride, every single team just begins to understand and optimize the possibilities of his car. In addition, the cars that deny the tests are only partially identical to those who start the first free free training of Bahrain: Many teams have announced updates, probably the whole season is a development race. For the tests are only available for six days.

What’s going on in Mick Schumacher Haas team?

**** The storm is over, so much can be said. During the first test trips in February, Russia started his war in Ukraine, and that could not ignore that at Haas: a title sponsor, led by the Kremlin Oligarche Dmitri Maepin, whose son in one of the two cars. The US team reacted quickly, removed in Spain sponsor logos and the Russian colors from the car. A few days later, it was clear: The deal with Uralkali is finished, Nikita maepin does not drive for the team. In Bahrain, replacement driver Pietro Fittipaldi will test the second car next to Schumacher, for the new season, no decision has fallen.

How is Sebastian Vettel with Aston Martin?

**** Unobtrusively, and that’s not a bad news first. Aston Martin did not fall off as it was the case at the start of the past season, instead one drove with. However, the ambitions are great, in four years the team wants to drive the title. And actually already fighting for podiums and scattered victories this year. Whether this is possible remains to be seen.

runs everything around with the new cars?

**** by no means. A particularly conspicuous childhood illness was even every team: the cars hopped on the straight on and off, “Purpoising” called the engineers. The reason: Due to the specifications the new regulations more contact pressure is generated over the underbody – however, it becomes too big, then the car sucks down on the track, the floor relies on, the contact pressure breaks off, the car quickly pulls off. And then everything starts from the front. Ferrari and McLaren were here too – and quickly solved the problem.