Project_hel test, ultimate Ghostrunner DLC

Ghostrunner Begins

Remember: a shed race on a train at the end of which you faced an unbeacked being at the service of the enemy corporation. It’s she, Hel, that you head in this brand new adventure.

The action takes place before Jack’s awakening, the hero of the main campaign. In this species of prologue, we follow this other cyborg in its hunt for traitors and rebels. This is an opportunity to learn a little more (but just a little bit) on the scene, on some characters and how we have come to the situation in the main story.

One of the reproaches on Jack’s journey was this impression of spending our lives in maintenance tunnels. This time, the journey makes us cross areas a little more interesting: if we still have the opportunity to visit one or two apartments, we cross at least several urban areas with their neon and their storefronts. The effects of lights and reflections are quite successful.

Hit the Road, Jack

Ghost Runner Project HEL DLC REVIEW | Every thing You Need To Know

The recipe is globally the same: you have to cross the places in a frantic parkour and manage the various enemies that intervene on your way. From time to time, you are confronted with a small switches based on switches to activate before being able to continue.

Once again, various collectible objects have been scattered here and there: artifacts, audio recordings or new sword appearances. To find them, you have to search the areas and sometimes show a good timing.

Finally, it’s seven new levels offered to you, including two devoted to fights against unpublished bosses. The difficulty is in the same vein as the main game, there are some passages that must be taken in loop before completing the right approach. In a straight line, so there is something to take care of three hours, even more if you are looking for all the secrets or if you want to crush on the overall classification (always limited to friends, on the other hand).

Hell and against all

Hel has capabilities similar to Jack. She moves fast, she can run on the walls, she fights the sword, she has a dash and can dodge attacks; In addition, it is basic equally fragile. This is not a perfect copy: it is for example devoid of grapple and also has its own peculiarities. Already, she jumps a little further. When idling is triggered, it is possible to change the jump stroke to land elsewhere; It’s very convenient to return to a platform after taking his shot. And above all, it has a rage gauge that fills up by picking up dedicated bonuses or killing opponents. If this gauge is sufficiently full, it allows you to cash a shot or shot or to send sharp edges remotely.

HEL also has its own characteristic table. As a reminder, each is represented by a geometric form and you have to enter those that interest you in a limited space in a species of Tetris Cève-Coeur.

In the rank of the novelties, the game is embarlorating new traps, such as these platforms covered with electrical slabs. It is also entitled to new opponents: men equipped with hammers or with jet-packs that launch missiles. An entire program !

Besides, as you are in the Dharma camp, it would be necessary to avoid carving in the bold of the employees. But if you know, they do not seem to have received the direction’s note and they do not hesitate to consider you as hostile. It’s up to you to decide how to perform your approach. HEL also shows a quite interesting pragmatism about it.

The dialogues are interesting, especially that HEL has its little character. Finally, provided they can follow them: as the previous one, we have English subtitled in French, but we are often very busy managing our progress in the environment to pay attention to what is told In our headset.

Project_hel is a very good complement to the Ghostrunner experience. His character is just different enough to renew the pleasure and the new additions make it possible to avoid too much repetition in progress.

_Test made on PC by negograprter from a version provided by the publisher.