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Lol: the most problematic champion of the game that could receive great changes very soon

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Most champions of League of Legends have relatively easy trouble to solve problems. Even when a character is very powerful, Riot Games has the option of carrying out a ‘nerf‘ to balance it. However, there are much more complex situations that require profound changes to the characters. One of them is the disparity in the victory rate , which refers to the performance difference of a hero at different levels of skill.

An impossible character for Riot Games

Currently, Gwen is the League of Legends champion that manifests this problem to a greater extent. While the character accumulates a victory rate of 44.7% in gold, she earns 49.2% of the clashes played in the areas of highest MMR. In this way, it seems impossible for Riot Games to balance it without generating too many problems in one of the groups of players. The case is even more exaggerated than that of Ryze, which historically has been considered the most problematic champion in this regard.

The situation was already serious before the changes made to the champion in the past 12.5 patch. However, what she already invited to think about changes in great entity has now become an urgency. A situation to which Riot Games usually has a single answer: a rework to gameplay. It is a practice that developers have already carried out in the past with champions like Amumu . In the case of the mummy, the performance of it was very high gambling levels.

In the aforementioned case of Amumu, Riot achieved his goals by carrying out important changes in his gameplay. Although in technical terms these adjustments do not rise to the Rework category, the developer had the idea of ​​adding a second load in his Q (band launch) in exchange for reducing his statistics. With this, increased the ability of the League of Legends players at the time of expressing their ability and today has a very similar victory rate in all ranges. Taking into account from Bronze to Diamond, it only changes 0.7%.

Looking at the situation with Gwen, a good part of the community could benefit from Riot Games carry out important adjustments in their skills that would give something more advantage to smaller skill players. However, this process would be even more complicated than that of the mummy . While to improve a champion for the best players, you just have to find a way to increase the importance of skill, the opposite exercise is harder to carry out since Riot Games almost never eliminates mechanics from the heroes who already have a Weather in League of Legends.

In any case, it seems that there is an important challenge ahead and we can prepare ourselves so that Gwen receives some action in the next patch of League of Legends. Probably, with great changes to some of her skills that allow you to balance it in the long term.