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Square Enix will provide Meta Bath of RPG “Dungeon Sid”. Block chain game platform “The Sandbox” partner

The Sandbox, which operates the block chain game platform “The Sandbox”, has partnered with Square Enix, and announced that it will provide a metaverse using the RPG “Dungeon Size” IP.

“Dungeon Seed” is a RPG, which is a stage of the fantasy world that GAS Powered Games worked. Square Enix has acquired that right, and the series has been released to “Dungeon Side 3” released in 2011.

“The Sandbox” is a platform that provides metavers based on block chain technology. In partnership with various companies and IPs, for example, Adidas, Avex, “The Walking Dead”, etc. are mentioned. An area called LAND is provided on the virtual space, and each company is used for metaverse construction. It is characterized in that the expression method is unified to voxel graphics.

In the partnership with Square Enix, the company has provided the “Dungeon Seed LAND” owned by the company, and the player will be able to experience an interactive RPG experience at the world view of the voxified “Dungeon Sid”. In addition, it is also possible to provide the “Dungeon Sid” voxel character and item for the free production tool “Voxedit” and “Game Maker” provided by “The Sandbox”.

“Voxedit” is a tool that can create voxel-based NFT (non-alternative token) content, and production can be sold on Marketplace of “The Sandbox”. One “Game Maker” is a tool that can produce 3D games without programming knowledge. This tool is that the content of “dungeon sage” will be available.

Square Enix Holdings Representative Director, President Matsuda, has a sense of affairs this year, with the appearance of NFT that utilizes block chain technology, and the ability to grow more interesting and the ecosystem brought by it If you expect it to be one of the ways in the future of the game, comments. He was trying to make business development full-scale with a sense of future token issuance.

In this partnership, we will provide content to the Sandbox side and to own “Dungeon Seas Land”, but you can receive it as one of the initiatives that Mr. Matsuda showed a motivated effort.

On the other hand, there is a strong popularity, but the “Dungeon Seas” series that did not appear for a while is not “NFT content”, and it seems that there is a complicated thoughts for overseas gamers. The time period such as “Dungeon Seed LAND” of “The Sandbox” is unknown, but it is noted how evaluations are received.