Dragon ball z:dokkan battle

What to choose: “control the battle” or “Go to Exodus” in the “Hero hour”?

Hero’s Hour is a strategic autobiva in which you will create your army and explore huge worlds. During the study, you will come across other dangerous monsters and potential heroes. This, naturally, will lead to the battle, and sometimes you will be given the opportunity to control the battle or proceed to the outcome.

We recommend choosing control battle When this option is provided to you. As a rule, this happens only when your forces are significantly superior to the number or have significantly greater power than the enemy army.

Manage the battle or go to the result

Although the choice of “Go to Exodus” for these smaller battles may seem tempting, you should choose to “control the battle”. If you decide to skip, the battle will play by itself, and you will not be able to use any strategy. This can lead to unnecessary destruction of units that can cost you money.

Choosing to command your own allows you to take control and strategically post your troops and use spells. This allows you to leave with the least loss or without loss at all, thereby keeping all your strength.

For more information about the hour Hero, read the sections “How to restore Manu per hour” and “all the characteristics of the hero at the Hero hour”, which are explained in the players on the game for professionals.