How to beat every boss in yuppie psycho

In the title, “each” boss may be said, but in fact, there are only four boss in the game. Yappen psycho What you really need to worry about. Below is all that you need to know how to defeat each of these bosses in the order in which you encounter them.


The spider will appear when you return to library after found hexagon hammer book. Fortunately, spider can be damaged using ground mines installed around the library. The trick is to bring the spider to one when it explodes, which means either blow up them yourself with pencil or using owl carts in the room to activate mines at a distance.

Be careful because terrestrial mines can harm you.

Boss video surveillance

The video surveillance boss will cry and Handing when you come across him, and in no case will not try to approach you. The key point here is to ensure a safe place whenever the red sensors that it activates are disconnected. To do this, it will be necessary to hide a lot over the walls and under the tables until you reach the eastern side of the room.

Here you will see a set of three red cables connected to the outlet next to the boss. You need to interact with each of these cables three times to completely disable it. Again, you need to go up and hide until you can safely approach these cables and disconnect them from the outlets by defeating the boss.

It is important to note that if you hurry, sensors can cause significant damage.

Point matrix

Dot Matrix will come by you if you run, so use all the shelters and do not forget to walk carefully. You will need to interact with three switches on the floor of the room with Switch button item. When you do it, the error signal will sound, and the path to retreat will become clear.

If the point matrix grabs you at any time, log in to your inventory and use ink cartridge in the subject!

Damned baby

Around this boss is difficult to maneuver, because most of the time he spends in invisibility. You want to keep the flashlight on Dosha on the elevator until he can fix it. It becomes difficult because the damned child approaches you and reduces your health. The best advice is to run to the western end of the room, and then return to give yourself time to shine a flashlight.

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