Pokemon GO: Typen

What does types effectiveness imply? About speaking states that a certain type of strike and Pokémon is effective against another type as well as thus creates even more damages than a non-effective or neutral strike. A Pokémon with Fire Assaults includes a great deal of damages from type plant, yet has a fantastic downside over water attacks.

Inpokémon Go have Pokémon strengthen and weak points towards opponents of particular kinds. If you take into consideration the type efficiency, aids you in Raids, with Sector Fighting and also with train fighting. In the table we reveal you who is solid versus whom.

In the overview we reveal you what type is effectively concerning whom.

Types: weaknesses and also strengths in the summary

  • Type flooring works versus fire, electrical, rock, steel as well as poison
  • Weakness versus water, ice as well as plant
  • Type Dragon works versus dragon
  • Weakness against dragon, ice as well as fairy
  • Type Ice is effective against plant, flight, dragon and floor
  • Weakness against fire, rock, battle, steel
  • Type Elektro is effective against water as well as trip
  • Weakness against floor
  • Type Faire is properly against fight, dragon and inappropriate
  • Weakness versus toxin and steel
  • Type Fire is effective against plant, beetle, steel as well as ice
  • Weakness against floor, rock and water

* Type flight works versus plant, fight and also beetle
* Weakness versus electrical, gelato and rock
* Type rock works against fire, trip, ice and also beetle
* Weakness against water, plant, floor, steel and also fight
* Type spirit works versus psycho as well as mind
* Weakness versus mind and also wrongly
* Type Gift is effective versus plant as well as fairy
* Weakness versus soil and also psycho
* Type Beetle works against plant, psycho and also improper
* Weakness versus fire, rock and also flight
* Type Battle is effectively against normal, ice, rock, inappropriately as well as steel
* Weakness against trip, psycho as well as fairy
* Type Norma L versus absolutely nothing effective
* Weakness versus fight

  • Type Plant is effective versus water, rock and also floor
  • Weakness against fire, ice, poison, trip and also beetle
  • Type Psycho is efficiently against fight and poisonous substance
  • Weakness versus beetle, mind and unsuitable
  • Type steel is effective against rock, ice as well as fairy
  • Weakness against fire, battle as well as floor
  • Type Unplant is successfully versus inappropriately as well as mind
  • Weakness against battle, beetle as well as fairy
  • Type Water is effective against fire, rock as well as flooring
  • Weakness against plant and also electro

Summary in the table

An environment-friendly circle shows that the kinds are very effective. A red triangular suggests that the types are not very effective, so weak. A white area implies that the kinds have a typical performance – so they are not more powerful and also not weak. A black cross reveals immunity versus a type. In Pokémon GO, this suggests that these kinds endure also much less damages than by “not really effective attacks”.

Niantic has actually developed a review table on the topic, which reveals you the effectiveness at a glimpse.

What do the signs mean? On the y-axis (from top to base) you see the view for the attackers. On the x-axis (from entrusted to right) you can see the view for defenders.

All lockmodules in Pokémon Go clarifies – with generates and also developments

Inpokémon Go have Pokémon enhance and weaknesses towards challengers of particular types. What does types performance imply? Roughly talking states that a particular type of attack and Pokémon is effective versus an additional type as well as therefore causes even more damages than a neutral or non-effective strike. What do the icons indicate? ** On the y-axis (from leading to bottom) you see the view for the attackers.