How to update the sync grid in Pokemon Masters EX

That Mesh Synchronization is a function in Pokémon Masters EX, which is individual for each pair of synchronization and allows you to improve and enhance them. Each of these synchronization grids consists of tiles that open skills with various types of improvements.


Each tile can be activated using Synchronize areas which are specific to these individual synchronization steam. During the update process, you can activate only those tiles that are located next to other activated tiles. Energy is required to activate these tiles, and each pair of synchronization begins with a maximum amount of 60, which means that you cannot unlock all their grid.

To view the synchronization tables for your synchronization steam, you must first complete Chapter 11 Belonging Main History . Having done this, you can go to Pairs Synchronization at the bottom of the main screen of the game. Then you choose Mesh Synchronization Option where you can see all your suitable synchronization pairs.

Synchronization pairs that can be updated will be marked with a blue emblem above its image. You have the ability to update the tiles separately or choose several minutes. At the bottom Synchronization of the grid screen you can also see the selected skills, the amount of energy that they consume and the power they provide.

Keep in mind that some of these tiles will be unlocked until you fulfill additional requirements.

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