Em Game Operation Profit increased by 71% to W18.2bn “The best”

Em Games (Representative Kwon Hyeong-hyung) recorded 55.7 billion won in connection standards in 2021, operating profit of W18.2bn, and net profit W21.5bn, and won the top sales and net profit since the 1999 Candida.

Last year, sales of 31.4% YoY, 71.5% of operating profit and 209.9% of net profit. In the 4th quarter of 2021, sales of KRW 17.6 billion, operating profit of W5.7 billion, and net profit of W6.1bn, earners, 51.8% YoY, 48% and 755.6%.

In 2021, the cause of earnings rising is due to its PC MMORPG (Multi-level role performance game) ‘China’ s sales and mobile game ‘showion blood (Thailand)’, ‘Mobile (Domical)’ Mobile Revenue is reflected..

Em Games will further strengthen live service of existing games in 2022, and will be able to re-launch various genres and platform new work.

Last ‘online yeolhyeolgangho’ being towed to its earnings from the first quarter of 2019 exceeded the revenues accumulated sales in China in 2021 until February 17 last year. From the second quarter, the highest level rise, and the new world addition, we plan to continue the high-end update at home and abroad.

Mobile MMORPG ‘showional blood’ is expected to launch in Korea after the release of Vietnam in the first half of the year, and the war RPG ‘omitability of domestic services is in the first half of the year, entered into four Southeast Asia, including Thailand and Singapore.

Mobile MMORPG ‘donated M’ and new publishing games are developed on the basis of its popular PC online game ‘Coneycomb’.

Current Steam’s self-developing mechanical development mechanic 3-person gross game ‘Battle Steads: Gunma’ is a partial payment game, not package sales, not package sales.

In addition, it is a plan to introduce a game based on a variety of platforms based on the “Hero Online”, which completed the Gims onboarding contract.

“The” Kwangno Kangho Online, which has been the highest grades of Seoul last year, is continuing to grow as a result of the sales of China ‘s’ ideological ‘last year’, I would like to add new game sales through various platforms such as games, blocks, games, and steam PC games to add new games to a variety of platforms, and will be a year to grow more than 2022. “