Netmarble professional baseball 2022, online showcase 23 days

Netmarble (Representative Kwon, Pojo) said the online showcase of the mobile baseball game ‘Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022 (Developer: Netmarble and Park) will be held on the day of 7:00 pm.

The showcase is initially publicized through Netmarble’s official YouTube ‘Netmarble TV’ and can be identified in Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022 YouTube channels.

In an online showcase, Kim Tae-gyun, who was active as Park Ji Young Announcer and former professional baseball player, participated in the new story of the game, with the core content of the game, and the new story of the game.

In addition, Kim Tae-gyun and the Astronomical window are expected to show a variety of content, including the time to evaluate the athlete card ability, as well as the time of evaluating the player’s card,

This game features a variety of situations in the actual baseball game as reality graphics quality, and it is characterized by freely supporting horizontal and vertical screening, including ‘my athlete content’, which can produce and nurture their own athletes.

Projecting The Outcome of The 2022 MLB Season
Meanwhile, Netmarble will disclose various information about the game through the ‘Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022’ Facebook page. ‘Netmarble Professional Baseball 2022’ is a mobile baseball game that utilizes actual graphics.