Blue Archive Event Story Update Wish List of Summer Sky

Nexon (Representative Lee Jung-hyun) announced on the 23rd, which has updated the “Summer Week of Summer” in the Subrecious Game ‘Blue Archive’ developed by the subsidiary Net Games (Representative Park Yong-hyun).

(Event Story) Summer Sky's Wishlist: Prologue Translation [Blue Archive]

This story consisted of a total of 14 episodes that ‘Trinity Comprehensive Academy’ is a story that the students of ‘Trinity Comprehensive Academy’ left to the summer sea and completed wishlist. In addition, 12 quest stages, three challenge stages can be played.

Playing the game and ‘Beach Ball’, ‘Sea House’ and ‘Strange Firecrackers’, “Event Point”, ‘The character growth item’ utmost technology notes (trinity) ‘,’ utmost steel reinsto ‘, limited edition furniture’ sand play set ‘,’ parasol table ‘.

In addition, we can get daily missions, achievement missions, “Summer Concept Photo Boards”, ‘Event Goods’, “Opatsu”, which installs in ‘cafés’, You can decorate the event collection ‘and you can keep your memories.

Nexon introduced a new character ‘Swimwear Azusa’, ‘Swimwear Mashir’, ‘Swimwear Tsurugi’, which you can feel the atmosphere of the summer sea. ‘Swimwear Azusa’ and ‘Swimwear Mashiro’ use ‘EX Skill’, which is a strong damage to one, and ‘Swimwool Tsurugi’ is a ‘EX Skill’ that increases the damage to the base attack for a certain period of time.

Pay to the user who participated in the last pre-registration, paid 1,200 blue stones, “Cheongduk-seok”, and commemorate the update, to all users who have accessed the game,

The event story of ‘Blue Archive’ ‘Summer’s Wishlist’ can be found through the official community.