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The Walking Dead: Maggies Dark Hour

Is Alexandria consecrated the destruction? And what about the group about Maggie? It was well in the Cliffhanger end of episode 8 of the 11th Season The Walking Dead namely for no survivors. Maggie and her people were lured in a trap in Meridian of Leah and the Reaper, while the inhabitants of Alexandrias had to fight against a zombie horde. But as by a miracle, both groups can escape the supposed death.

The Walking Dead: Aaron is in the clamp. Source: Disney / AMC Aaron and Judith succeeded even amazingly good! After saving Judith and his daughter Gracie in front of the zombies, which bother the two in a flooded cellar, it is then to save Lydia, Aaron. Maggies Group and the Reaper continues to fight against each other until Maggie manages to catch LEAH’s right hand carver. Both groups meet negotiations in which LEH reveals that they have posted a sniper. Since he was killed by Father Gabriel, at once Maggies Group again has the upper hand. Finally, the Reaper and Maggies come to an agreement. Carver remains at Maggie to be questioned, but Leah and the rest of her men are allowed to go. Oh!

Maggie shows her dark side ****

But then Maggie makes no one with which no one has expected. Drawn by their experiences of the past years, she decides to shoot all the Reaper. Only Leah can be injured in safety. So stunned Daryl of Maggie’s sensory change is, he says nothing. Should there have been a last spark hope for Maggie, the one, when she returns to the seriously injured alder. He has now turned into a zombie and must be eliminated by Maggie. Later, Negan still places her. He has seen exactly what Maggie has d1. Therefore, he decides to disappear before she makes the same with him.

The Walking Dead 11x09 Scene | Maggie Kills Reapers | HD

The Walking Dead: With her last men, Leah wants to negotiate a ceasefire. Source: Disney / AMC decimates, but equipped with new supplies, the group finally returns to Alexandria. Maggie and the others are not the only ones who arrive in the settlement. Eugene also appears, along with soldiers of the Commonwealth. They offer the residents of Alexandria to supply them with inventories and building material – alternatively, the settlement can become part of the Commonwealth.

The biggest surprise of No Other Way is the end. In the final minutes of the consequence there is a time jump, six months have passed since the arrival of the Commonwealth. Daryl, dressed in the uniform of the Commonwealth, travels to Hilltop with other soldiers. Maggie is again the leader of the survivors there and seems to be anything but enthusiastic about the soldiers of the Commonwealth. As it looks, you and Daryl are actually on different pages this time. Why? This may be revealed in one of the coming consequences.

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