Netmarble professional baseball 2022, 23 online showcase opens

Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Pojo) said on the 23rd on the 23rd on the 23rd on the 23rd on the 23rd on the 23rd on the online showcase of the mobile baseball game ‘Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022 (Developer: Netmarble and Park).

Netmarble will open the online showcase through Netmarble’s official YouTube ‘Netmarble TV’ and will first disclose information on netmarble professional baseball 2022. On this day, the official model, Hong Chang, and Lee’s advertisement show the appearance of the first time.

In an online showcase, Kim Tae-gyun, who was active as a professional baseball player, and Park Ji-young Announcer participated together, introduce the key content of the game and visit the developer, and visit the developer and the interesting story of the development process is also expected to disclose.

Meanwhile, netmarble began a countdown to the time left to the online showcase at the ‘Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022’ Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/netmarbleparoprobaseball) and will reveal various information in the future.

‘Netmarble Professional Baseball 2022’ is a mobile baseball game that utilizes actual graphics.