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LOL: The perfect character that just receives changes and demonstrates the great paradox of Riot

League of Legends It is characterized by the constant changes that all the elements of the game receive. Champions, objects and even invoker spells receive settings as the patches are passing to balance their power or give them a new opportunity thanks to the changes. However, in this constant of Riot Games there are some exceptions. One of the most curious is the one that affects ornn , the character ‘perfect‘ that leads without receiving changes over a season.

The most stable champion of League of Legends

Ornn was a nightmare for the developers of League of Legends after the launch of him because of the great damage and abusive power of him in the exchanges, which was why he received countless adjustments over the years. However, once the great transformation of Riot Games for the God of the Forge concluded, has become one of the best work of the equilibrium team . The champion remains at an elevated but acceptable victory rate of 52.3% and does not emphasize especially among tanks (they exceed Shen or Malphite) being elected in 3% of the items.

The last time ORNN received an adjustment was on the patch 11.1, when it began last season. However, we can not even take this change into account . What happened in that update is that its magic resistance statistic of 32.1 to 32 was rounded in a mere rounding work that did not intend to weaken it. The same happened in previous updates, where compensatory adjustments to mana were carried out and their passive was adapted to the system of mythical objects.

To find the last nerf as such that this character suffered we must go to the 10.15 update. Again, the changes he suffered ornn in that version were not too striking: his basic armor was reduced from 36 to 33. This adjustment also broke a drought of several months, so the total account is that Ornn has received only two reductions of power over the last two seasons. A balance that makes it the perfect champion of League of Legends.

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In a way, all the champions should look more like Ornn. However, League of Legends could get stuck in a very quick way in case the heroes did not suffer changes often that we force us to get used to skills. The rotation in the metajame has been a strategy that, together with the launch of champions, has maintained the cool title constantly and converts Riot’s work into a paradox : If everything was so ‘perfect’ the game could improve, but It would probably be more boring after very little time .