Stuttgart Saturdays use Freibergs failure

They stand where they want to stand at the end of the season: the Stuttgart Saturdays are new leaders, completed their compulsory task at FC Astoria Walldorf II – unlike the first leg – this time sovereign and benefited from the fact that the previous leader SGV Freiberg was not allowed to play on Saturday.

First to the Saturday victory: In front of 250 spectators at Dietmar-Hopp sports park, the guests immediately took the note of the actions in the hand. Baroudi and Braig gave in the initial phase two hundred percent chances, but they saw the men of coach Mustafa ünal had arrived immediately in league. Walldorf II stood in the back in turn usually well sorted. But the initial patience should pay out for the Stuttgart: In the 36th minute a shot of Baroudi was blocked initially, but in the second course, the offensive players submerged the ball in the gate. Shortly before the break, the Astoria reserve almost to compensate, but Torwart Castellucci rescued for his defense, which made a cross-slip out of Alexa. Quasi in return underlined Tunjic his rising form curve from the preparation. From a short distance, the scorer of the previous year achieved his second goal of the season. In the second round, the Stuttgart played like a top team, which regularly produced danger and stand well regularly. And if Walldorf II came to the end, Keeper Castellucci was on the post. But the Degerlocher still had a quiver: In the 88th minute, the guests combined well through and Riedinger Schloss placed as 3: 0 final score.

On this Day 30th January 1951 - Dr Ferdinand Porsche, prolific motor engineer, died in Stuttgart
The home game of the SGV Freiberg against the SV Oberachern was canceled as mentioned. A cancellation with mishtones, the SGV posted the following statement on Saturday: “We very surprised today we take note of today’s gaming. At 9:30 am we were informed by Oberachern that today’s game due to player deficiency (small squad, in Quarantine, Corona Falls) must be canceled. In a subsequent call with the WFV _ (Württemberg Soccer Association, d. Red.) _ We were notified there that the game was not discontinued and one of Oberachern yesterday about possible consequences informed an independent game departure. The game – four hours before kick-off – has now been discontinued. In addition, we am astonished that at 7:37 in the morning already the game dictionary of Oberachern in an interview of the head coach Fabian sky with “Hitradio Ear” was published. So without the knowledge of us or the WFV. “

Since Freiberg and the Saturdays are exiled to the rest of the field, it goes for the remainder of the league around the league, though teams like the 1st Göppinger SV (3: 1 after early residue in Ravensburg), the TSG Backnang (4: 0 against Talk light FV Lörrach-Brombach) or the 1st CFR Pforzheim (4: 1 against village approach, also after early residue) no longer have to worry too much.

Neckarsulm leaves the red zone

Quite different the situation with the three remaining Saturday games. Here the Sport Union Neckarsulm celebrated an important 2: 1 victory against the Freiburg FC and jumps over the line. Botta brought the homely already in the second minute lead, drilling with a penalty (41.). Matchwinner was in the 82nd minute Bellanave, who attracted the pace after a short pass combination in the midfield, in full sprint into the penalty area and had enough strength there to pierce the ball to hammer. For the inferior FFC, the residue on the saving shore of the leaflet is slowly to the Hercules task. Also applies to the 1st FC Bruchsal, who could put a leg on Saturday by a Peric goal in the 87th minute but after all the favored FC 08 Villingen.

All the possibilities have the SSV Reutlingen and the FC Nattingen. Reutlingen, however, has been a trace closer to the abyss since Saturday, as the FCN at the crossed the threesome grabbed. In a highly competitive duel before 530 spectators, the gate of Marton in minute 40 gave the rash, which came to the shot in the penalty area and met over the detour inner post. At SSV, Lennerth, Leyhr and Potye celebrated three U-19 players her debut, but neither the three talents nor the arrivated part of the zero-folders still brought the ball in the final offensive over the line. Thus, the good series before the winter break in which only one defeat had to be accepted in eleven play, first stopped and the descent zone removed only two points.

On Sunday, the game FC Rielasingen-Arlen stands against the TSV Ilshofen on the plan.