How to raise your buildings in Lost Ark

Once players will clean up the Eastern Lometer, they will get access to the fortress. Here they can perform new tasks, such as research, creating objects and much more. It is done through various buildings. These buildings can also be raised by the level, giving new tasks and objects.

To align the buildings of the fortress in Lost Ark, you will need Increase the level of your fortress and complete the studies . As your fortress level increases, you get access to new studies that increase your buildings.

What gives rise to the level of your buildings in Lost Ark?

Increasing the level of your buildings will be give you new craft recipes, new missions and more . For example, as soon as you increase the level of your dispatch station to level 2, you will get access to the studies that will increase the size of your team for dispatch missions.

As you move and raise the level of your fortress, be sure to check the available studies to improve buildings. They are vital to unlock the entire content offered by Strongholds, so make sure you increase the level of your buildings.

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