All classes of weapons in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the latest game in the popular Horizon Franchise from Guerrilla Games, and Ela returns to save the world again. In his journey to defeat and overcome the hordes of reasonable cars, making his way through the Forbidden West, Eloe will need a lot of tools to defeat enemies, each of which belongs to another class.

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We listed all the available classes of weapons in Horizon Forbidden West, which we found at the moment.

We will update this article when we find out more about Horizon Forbidden West.

Hunting bows

The main weapon of Elo is its hunting bow, medium-range weapons, simple in circulation and very universal. Although this weapon is not excellent in any area, it is an incredibly balanced tool that is perfectly suitable for almost any situation. This will certainly be the most reliable tool in a set of elo during her journey.


Sharps’s bow is a high-precision long-range weapon, which causes an increased damage from shocks and breaks. This weapon is great for a long battle and breaks the cars to pieces. The disadvantage of this tool is slow extraction rate and the inability to function while driving, and you will need to stand in the same position to best use this weapon.


The demolitions are a medium and large weapon that causes serious damage to machines and can create a number of natural effects when hit. This weapon is great for applying damage around the enemy. This weapon is not able to break parts from machines as other tools, but gives an explicit advantage to players seeking to quickly deal with opponents.

Trees videos

Trip Casters Install TripWires, which cause damage to enemies when they pass by. This weapon is ideal for those who want to arrange a trap before the battle. Elo can accommodate only a few stretch marks at the same time, so be careful where they put them.


Ropecaster is auxiliary weapon that can fasten onboard machines and install them in a short time. Eloe must fully charge this weapon to hit the target, which means that you need to give yourself time to prepare this weapon. Use this tool to doubt the enemy when it is depressed on the battlefield.

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