Horizon Forbidden West PC Release – comes the game on Windows

In this PC Release Guide to Horizon Forbidden West you will learn:

  • Whether a PC version of the Open World game is planned
  • Whether there was already an official announcement
  • When the release could be pending

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Horizon Forbidden West on PC: That’s the current state

In a nutshell: Publisher Sony officially has not yet confirmed a PC release of Horizon Forbidden West. Currently the game is only playable on the in-house consoles PS4 and PS5. But that will probably change in a non-too-distant future. Why that is so, you read below.

Sony’s new strategy: PC second recycling instead of PlayStation Exclusivity

For a long time, it was a merry game law that self-production phones from Sony Playstation Studios are also playable on PlayStation consoles. For some time, the Publisher has been opening its closed ecosystem and thus makes everyone happy who prefer to play on the PC: Regularly large blockbusters also appear via Steam and / or the Epic Games Store on Windows. In the Younger Past Made Among other things, God of was the Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Days Gone and Death Stranding the jump.

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Horizon Forbidden West May Come To PC? Top Gaming News
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The first Sony-produced PS4 exclusive, which was published for the PC, was Horizon Zero Dawn, the predecessor of Horizon Forbidden West : The Open World Adventure of Guerrilla Games was originally celebrated in February 2017 his release on the PlayStation 4 and came a good three and a half years later in August 2020 on Windows computers. Here it started very successfully and sold to launch over 700,000 units – a success that the Sony hurts in the strategy is likely to lift the PlayStation exclusivity of large titles in favor of the PC.

Horizon Forbidden West on Steam and Co.: PC Release Only a matter of time

The fact that Horizon Forbidden West will eventually appear for the PC is very likely. Sony will hardly want to miss the additional revenue at the comparatively low additional effort of a port (unlike a completely new game).

Accordingly, only asks the question about “when” . Here it is hard to meet a concrete statement or only to express a guess. Although the distance between PlayStation-exclusive release and Windows release was quite low in games such as Days Gone and Death Stranding, at God of War and just Horizon Zero Dawn then again for more than three years.

Our forecast: 2024 or 2025 we also play Horizon Forbidden West on the PC – and tend to be more than later than later.

And what about an Xbox release of Horizon Forbidden West?

With an Xbox, unfortunately, you can not enjoy Horizon Forbidden West: On the largest PlayStation competition console Sony will never offer its exclusive stamps in all likelihood. However, that must not be valid for eternity: that of Sony Developed baseball game MLB the show, for example, has also been playable on PC and Xbox since the 2021 issue. The prerequisites are of course a bit different with an annually appearing sports game than in the AAA large productions that make up the brand core of the PlayStation.

But the fact is: The gaming landscape is constantly changing – and what is still unthinkable today, tomorrow no longer necessarily meets.

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