Battlefield 2042: Electronic Arts Makes Halo Infinite for the Bad Launch

The responsible persons of Electronic Arts discussed the launch of Battlefield 2042 (from 32.09 €) in a meeting with employees. As Xfire reports, Laura Miele (Chief Studio Officer at EA) has again admitted that the shooter not only missed its own expectations, but also the player. This time, however, the company called some reasons responsible for the bad start of Battlefield 2042. Among other things, ambitions were mentioned for the project, which could not be fully implemented due to the pandemic.

EA BLAMES Halo Infinite for Battlefield 2042 Negativity??

In addition, the launch of Battlefield 2042 has been influenced by Halo Infinite. She described the shooter of Microsoft as a fine-cut game, which made much fewer problems for the release. Laura Miele also betrayed that the crowd of bugs moved to the launch in a frame, from which one thought they would get them quickly under control. In the last few days, a petition made clear how dissatisfied the players with Battlefield 2042. Over 210,000 signatures have already been collected and demand a refund of the purchase price for all players.

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