Red Bull Salzburg brings draw against Bavaria: the reactions to the game

Red Bull Salzburg had to accept the 1: 1 compensation in the 16th Final Low Game of the Champions League in Minute 90. Nevertheless, the bulls sold expensive. What the protagonists say to the high speed game.

Much better the first passage for Red Bull Salzburg could not have run – the bulls delivered an open break exchange from the German production master from a minute and provided a heated and hectic atmosphere.

Thus, the Bayern could not live well, rightly unsettled from the downfall in Bochum. And so Junior Adamu, replaced for the injured Noah Okafor, achieved with a fine Schlenzer the 1: 0 for the Salzburg (21.). Not the only big score for the bold underdog.

As a result, guests are lost in line with the direct duels against the lightning fast Salzburg offensive actors. On the other hand, Münchner had the residue on the front but also occasions by Serge Gnabry, Kingsley Coman or Leroy Sane. The first half designed racy, the lead was deserved for the team of coach Matthias Jaissle.

The second passage Bavaria starts sovereign and with more control, without becoming more concretely dangerous. After an hour, the Munich did not have a big score.

Junior Adamu: “It’s not over yet”

As a result, this changed increasingly with numerous direct area scenes for the German – Salzburg-Keeper Philipp Köhn presented itself outstanding. And perhaps the biggest chance on the 2-0 awarded again Adamu – Benjamin Pavard clarified the Abstauber to Karim Adeyemis chance last need on the line (80th).

Until the Bayern compensation, it should take up to minute 90 – not undeserved, but dramatically for brave Salzburger. And that went too simple: the half-field edge from the right side to the edge of the box extended Thomas Müller by head. And so the ball could slip through Kingsley Coman, which pushed into the short corner on the long post with the first contact and the inside. No chance for Köhn and the final point of a tempo game.

“It’s an incredible feeling to shoot a goal against Bayern. The 1: 1 in the end was unhappy. It’s not over yet,” Adamu explained after closing whistle at Servustv. Storm partner Adeyemi was satisfied with the result, because after all, you wanted to “win the second leg”. “We do not need to hide, have the class to pass against Bayern. We want to show that in Munich,” says Adeyemi.

His coach Jaissle tried to classify the game soberly: “I’m proud and satisfied, as the guys were tailored and offered the Bayern Paroli. A little far annoys me but that we got the balance so late. Nevertheless, there is a praise for Our troupe. It was a real fight. “

Thomas Müller: “Salzburg did well”

After closing whistle DFB-Star Müller paid the opponent at DAZN Respect: “We have mixed feelings. We wished more, but that it was not so, was also on Salzburg. You have done well. We are inaccurate in the details we have shown a reaction in the second half, were supposed to think again. It was a good step, but it was not the wish and not the wish result. “

In a similar notch Joshua beat Kimmich. “It’s difficult to classify. We had made it much more.” The result was fine for him: “In the first half it was too little. Especially in the residual defense. In the second half we checked the game and were pushing. And yet we did not have the great opportunities. Due to the fact, That it could have been 0: 2, the 1: 1 is okay. “

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The second leg rises on Tuesday March 8 at 21:00 in the Allianz Arena.