The Uncharted movie already has an official rating of critics

This weekend will be launching the movie of Uncharted in theaters around the world. While some territories at Europe already had the opportunity to see it, here at Mexico We will have to wait a couple of days to do so, however, the feature film already has official qualifications and are not very good that we say.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, The film currently has a total of 48 reviews for a score of 52%. For its part, at Metacritic has 23 reviews for a 47/100 rating. Most critics agree that the action and rhythm of the film are their best sections, but the performances of Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberh as Nate and Sully respectively leave a lot to be desired.

It seems that Uncharted failed to break with the curse of video game adaptations, however, this rating could be much higher than many expected. Of course, you will have to see it yourself to really criticize it but things do not paint anything well for this new production.

Uncharted reaches cinemas of Mexico on February 17 of this year.

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Editor’s Note: It was expected that the film would not have the best reception with criticism, especially because it changed directors seven times. Maybe the fans find something rescued within all this disaster, but at least for now, PlayStation Productions started the year with the left foot.