Mixer is now bigger than facebook and youtube combined

Last update there is April 6, 2020

Staming services have really taken off in the last two years thanks to stars like Ninja and Shroud. Although it may seem like a crazy idea in the early 2010s, it turns out that there are really millions of people who will connect to their favorite streamers reliably and watch them play games. Mixer is one of the largest streaming companies. Mixer is well known but remains lagging behind some competitors like Twitch in terms of popularity. However, he really started to make a name for the previous months. Widely considered a second option for Twitch, Mixer takes speed and crushes some of the other competitors. In the current state of things, more people use mix as Facebook and YouTube games combined.

This information comes directly from a group called StreamLabs. This is a business that regularly publishes reports on the latest news from the world of steam. According to StreamLabs, there has been a sharp increase in the hearing on all steam navigation platforms since the CIVID-19 epidemic. It should not be a surprise because people now have more time for just about everything in their home. However, this is the sudden increase in mixer users who is remarkable.

Mixer has about 28 million hours broadcast on its platform while its main twitch competitor has about 121 million hours broadcast. An important gap without a doubt, but comparing mixing with other streaming companies, it is clear that it comes off from the pack. Last year, SHROUD and NINJA left Twitch and went to broadcast on Mixer. If mixer can continue to get big stars like that, we do not know where the business will be in a few years.

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The future looks radiant to mix.