Esht Interactive, Inferaks PC Korean version 15 days official release

Eise Tou Interactive (H2 Interactive, Representative Huh Jun) is an Action Adventure Game ‘Infernax’ game developed by Berzerk Studio, “Infernax ‘PC Korean Panel today (February 15), Consumer Price It has been launched in 19,800 won, commemorating the launch, and it was announced on a weekly discount promotion. ‘Inferaks’ Korean version will be formally released with PS4 and Nintendo switches later.

‘Inferaks’ is an action adventure game that deals with the adventure of the great article returning to save contaminated countries in the negative magic. Ruthless monsters and dangerous beasts, and the dangerous terrain interfere with the journey of the article, but do not cover the means, but do not hesitate to find and destroy the origin.

Think once again before deciding what to do. All decisions such as killing or living someone, and where you have used the experience of defeating monsters. Only one choice will change the results. Your choice leads to a variety of side quests, and it becomes possible to get strong weapons, skills, or many compensation according to the quests. Make up as many monsters as possible, collect compensation, put better weapons and armor in your hand. Without unknown curse, people suffer and rectize the castle before people falling, and relax the castle. The choice ran in your hands, but only you can handle these monsters.

■ Multi-ending system depending on the decision of the player
■ Dungeon and Boss Battle that causes challenging desires
■ Hungry monsters on the blood that attacks you
■ Upgradable level up system to suit your taste
■ Put a new item in your hand and open the skill to release the curse
■ Unique and dangerous open world in which there are hidden spaces all over the place

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■ Cruel Gameplay Expressed without filtration
For more information on PS4, Nintendo switches, which is scheduled to release the “Inferaks” PC Korean version and future release, see official homepage and Facebook, and YouTube and Direct Games.