TMNT: Shredders Revenge reveals the Splinter teacher in a new trailer

Ninja turtles return to video games from the creators of Streets of Rage 4. Dotemu Edit TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, a title developed by Tribute Games that hEdit TMNT just been displayed in a new trailer. In addition, they have uncovered one of the most beloved characters in the Saga, the Splinter MEdit TMNTter.

“From Tribute Games and Dotemu we are delighted to turn the turtle mEdit TMNTter, a more pEdit TMNTsive character, in a full-right fighter!” They have published on the Official Blog of PlayStation. According to the study, its intention is to capture the essence of the elements of the pEdit TMNTt and honor them from the best in the ways. Do not take “lightly” to work on an intellectual property of this caliber.

Edit TMNT Splinter gives off an aura of wisdom, he should be calm, which translates into more contained but not slow movements. In this way, the fighter executes several attacks, jumps, landslides and special attacks “inspired by the good memories of the Great Rat”. The cane that enarbola is used both in bEdit TMNTic and advanced blows. So things, when hitting there is a small moment in which it bounces on the ground, so the player hEdit TMNT the opportunity to make combos at that moment.

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A devEdit TMNTtating flying attack

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - Splinter Reveal Trailer | PS4

The teacher hEdit TMNT a special flying attack, which define it Edit TMNT a kind of Edit TMNTtral projectile. “The remote magic load is a unique technique that only one true teacher can possess. Ah! And he is also the only one who bites! “

The study admits that when they conceived the character Edit TMNT soon Edit TMNT they had animated splinter references in battle. “However, the team wEdit TMNT able to get inspiration in the initial credits of the original 1987 ** drawing series, during which several Splinter images appear destroying several wooden boxes. That had to be the special attack of MEdit TMNTter Splinter, “the game director, Jonathan Lavigne explained.

Splinter is TMNT’s sixth playable character: Shredder’s Revenge. Players can also select Leonardo, Rafael, Miguel Ángel, Donatello and April O’Neil . It will come out for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox SERIES S, Nintendo Switch and PC at some point this year.