Ski runner Niskanen brings gold over 15 km

The Finnish ski runner Iivo Niskanen won the classic over 15 km at Winter Games in Beijing and after the victory in the 50 km Marathon 2018 in Pyeongchang, his second Olympic gold was brought. One day after his sister Kerttu had missed the victory by 0.4 seconds in the women’s race over 10 km as the second behind Therese Johay, the 30-year-old classical specialist with 23.2 seconds predisposed on Alexander Bolschunov. Bronze went to the Norwegian Johannes Höflot Kläbo.

The German runners had nothing to do with the medalization in the day after the strong fifth place of Katharina Hennig. Best DSV athlete was Lucas Bögl (Gaisach) with 2:19 minutes behind Ranked 17, Jonas Dobler (Traunstein) and Janosch Brugger (Schluchsee) Ranked 19 and 20. Olympic-debutant Albert Kuchler (Lam) occupied after a fauxpas only Space 32 – The 23-year-old was bent far too early towards the goal and had to turn around.

Finn Iivo Niskanen Wins Gold in Cross-Country Skiing Over 15 KM - Bolsunov and Kläbo Beaten

Niskanen had already become third in the skithlon on Sunday. Only for the fourth time in history, a sibling couple took a single medal on the same Olympic winter games. In 1980, Eric and Beth Heiden (USA / Skin Circulation) as well as Andreas and Hanni Wenzel (Liechtenstein / Ski Alpin), 2006 Ivica and Janica Kostelic (Croatia / Ski Alpin) succeeded.

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In 2006, Tobias Angerer had won the last single medal with a bronze over 15 km, four years ago, Thomas Bing had become elfter four years ago in Pyeongchang.