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Final Fantasy 14, Digital Pan Festival 2022 Seoul

Actos Soft said on the 12th that the ‘Final Fantasy 14 Digital Pan Festival 2022 Seoul’ held at V.Space, Seoul, said that the event was completed in the Personal.

The third time ‘Final Fantasy 14 Pan Festival’ in Korea announces new updates to users, and with a variety of sights and fun, traditional festivals held in all over the world including Japan, USA, France and China to be. This year was held as an online event due to Covid-19 spreading trend.

On this day, the event begins to announce the news of the new update, Mai Wonik Goods TV, Online Contest, Adventurer Quiz, Live Q & A, ‘Sung Woo: Chil Woo: Chil Poor’ and The Primals Performance, and Covid-19 Development, including Yoshida Naoki P / D due to Yoshida Naoki P / D, participated in real time online and encountered Korean users.

In the first time of the event, the new expansion pack of ‘Final Fantasy 14’ was first released in Korea. New stories that finished ‘High Delin-Zodiak’ scenarios from ‘New Year Eorjea’ ‘scenarios, “Sage”, “Ripper”, 2 new and new people, new and new adventures, etc. I predicted a variety of new content updates.

In particular, the launch of ‘Younwol’s general’ was scheduled to launch on May 10, 2022 and announced the news of the pre-reservation event, which will go on the 22nd, and the news of the users of the Korean version of the Korean version, and the explosive response of users. For users who participated in advance reservations, we present a rare item ‘Little Friend Riena’ and provide additional compensation depending on the number of cumulative participants.

2022 Digital Fan Festival in SEOUL
In addition, the new expansion pack ‘Yolwol’s general’, ‘Little Friends Flames’, Weapon’, ‘Eorjae’s Terminology Collector Edition’ and ‘Eorjae Setting’ I released the Korean version. The product can be purchased through the ‘Final Fantasy 14’ Goodz Store from today.

Following the ‘Final Fantasy 14’ Mai Wonik Goods TV introduces the Bihan Story of Korea-only Goodies and production, I have a colorful event that I could.

In Korean users, ‘Sung Woo: Chil-hoon’, which is a great love, in Chilsung, invites 4 famous voice waters, including Namdo, Credit Woo, Choi Seung-woo, I was impressed with.

In the atmosphere of the ‘The Primals’, which is based on the ‘Final Fantasy 14’ sound director of the ‘Final Fantasy 14’, the project band ‘The Primals’ appeared, “Altema”, ‘Teder Edge’, ‘Is Cape’ Financial Fantasy 14 ‘The main raid dungeon of the Dungeon BGM was the last finale of the event as a’ The more Fryer Mulch ‘concert.

The Korean version of the Korean version of the Korean version of the ‘Final Fantasy 14’, the “Final Fantasy 14, which is the first online event, which was the first online event, which was the first online event,” I felt the rewarding of a joyful to have been prepared for a pleasant. “He said.