Xboxs new exclusive is a failure according to angry fans

According to the Internet, Xbox’s new exclusive is a failure. Unlike PS4 and Nintendo Switch, Xbox One did not have many exclusive attractive games. The Xbox Series X seems prepared to remedy this. In fact, last year, this process began with the launch of HALO INFINITO and FORZA HORIZON 5. However, there will be faults along the way, and today was a great failure. Xbox has almost not done any promotion this week for the game, so we do not blame you if you did not know… MetaCritical does not even list the game as it was, but Fuego crossed X was thrown today at Xbox One and Xbox Series X and, apparently, is pretty bad.

The Fall of Xbox

The multiplayer was developed by Smilegate Entertainment and the campaign was developed by Remedy Entertainment, so there is quality in the game and its development, but apparently it did not sh1. Of course, there are opinions found about the game. You can always find people enjoying any title, but until now most impressions are negative, at least on Twitter and Reddit.

«You need a lot of polishing, the graphics are very grainy, basically there are no options in the game, there are no HUD elements to know where the pump is, there is no progression in the game, there is no capacity to disable the acceleration of the target… me You can follow and follow, “says a popular response to an official tweet of the game Twitter account announcing its launch.

«The worst game I have played at the launch. I have waited all this time. This is another ciberpunk 2077 “, another tuit of an unsatisfied client is read.

Of course, the fact that the game has come out to trip does not mean that it will not be recovered, but it is becoming increasingly obvious why Xbox has been marketing this exclusive Xbox. Unfortunately, bouncing in the space of competitive handles is not an easy task. If you are having trouble doing it, it is difficult to imagine Fuego crossed X will be able to do it.

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