Dungeon fighter online

CCR Staff, RF Online Item

In 2020, in Dungeon & Fighter (Dungeon Dungeon), employees have generated items in their accounts, and some of the inclusions have occurred in the outside of them. This time, RF online was similar. The CCR employee has been made to the outside of the item and sold it to the outside.

CCR said on the 11th, RF online official homepage, recognizes the events described above and further investigation. According to the announcement, the employee of the problem was posted in CCR in early February, as a former operator who has been departing from CCR, resulting in an item that has been traded in a high price within the game just before leaving. And after leaving the item, we sold it through the item trading site.

Oficinal CCR RF Online how to play!

Since then, the user who enjoys RF online has found that certain items are being sold at a price at a specific item at the item trading site, and after purchasing it, the CCR reported on the CCR side and revealed it. The CCR side is to ensure that the accounts related to unauthorized and transactions are accomplished, and confirms additional facts. In addition, the legal response to the parties is also considering.

In addition, the internal process is enhanced to prevent recurrence. First, review the operating tool details, and proceed with the transfer survey on the operating tool usage history. It also grants the item-related authority only to the best administrator.

The CCR side said, ‘I am very sorry for many people who love RF online, and it would be very important to punish the relevant person as a very important issue.

Meanwhile, CCR has conducted an event to compensate for virtualization, such as bit coin, forehead, such as RF online in January, and the game is made up of administrative measures that this event is in the current game method.