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The biggest type of infinite halo game is broken, but a hotfix is coming

In most of the previous Halo titles, “Big Team Battle” was a huge slugfest 8V8 with heavy weapons and vehicles in Gogo. It was (probably) the most relaxed “main” game modes, and has been an incredible success because of that. In Halo Infinite, 343 Industries decided to increase the bet, increasing the size of the teams to 12 men and adding new goals for players. It was an exquisite and chaotic mess, and then… everything broke.

Halo Infinite | Campaign Gameplay Premiere – 8 Minute Demo
Many players can not even enter the game. Any attempt to membership pushes them back right away, the players leave with nothing other than a message “failure of the connection” in their hands. It has been… frustrating, it’s the least we can say. But a fix is ​​on the way!

Ske7ch, a Community Manager for 343 Industries, has updated the Halo Infinite Player Base in a recent blog article. “As you know, we have been faced with frustrating problems with BTB almost since the launch and despite some attempts to resolve and mitigate before the holidays, we could not solve this problem. While BTB remained playable, there are matchmaking problems that increase with more players and the biggest firefighters are unlikely to join a game together. “

… We think we have a hand solution for the central problem. This entered Qa last week and so far, it seems positive – we do not see this problem occur internally using this version.

Although there is still work to be done before the update is deployed on global servers, this should be an exciting news for all Big Team Battle fans in Halo Infinite! These connection failures could soon belong to the past, if everything goes well. And soon, you will be back to explode scorpions in the mode you know and like.