Final Fantasy XIV

Stranger of Paradise – Final Fantasy Origin: Final trailer is here

The new video about Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin contains little chaos, but Frank Sinatra.

It takes almost two months until Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One appears. Nevertheless, Publisher Square Enix has already released the final trailer to the action roleplay – at least he is said. But it is difficult to imagine that the Japanese will not publish any further advertising video by March 18th more to the interesting, albeit very strange reinterpretation of the very first Final Fantasy.

With a runtime of almost five minutes, however, the trailer shows more than enough of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin. After all, you will not just get to see fresh gameplay material here. The makers introduce the knights of the light and also show some of the probably very numerous boss opponents.

The excerpts from intermediate sequences act as well as in previous trailers to the game anything but high-class. We do not believe that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will be a title that you play due to its history. However, the idea sounds to re-tell the plot of Final Fantasy 1 in a different way and not just adapt to, still very exciting. And one thing is certain: the trailer is so strange that he does not narrow our interest. Especially the use of Frank Sinatras “My Way” in the end is enormously oblique, but somehow it also has a certain charm. Apart from that, the battle scenes shown make more like more. The similarities to Nioh are again very clearly recognizable – and that’s good, because NiOH 1 and 2 are fantastic action RPGs.