After Xbox & Activision: 8 predictions for the next big gaming

After the acquisition of Activions by Microsoft, many gamers face the same question: Which deal is the next? So there is only the look into the glass ball: Here are eight predictions for the next big gaming takeover.

Xbox has confused the gaming industry associated with the Activision Deal. After other acquisitions have already taken care of in the past, it should be clear that should not stay the last big shopping tour . In our picture line in this article, we waited eight predictions, which could be the next big takeover deal.

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Netflix, Nintendo, PlayStation and Amazon: Who buys whom?

The gaming industry has changed in the last radically changed and rapidly rising billions revenge that has long-just invested in the market. Also industry-free tech giants such as Meta (formerly Facebook), Google, Netflix or Amazon want to depend on a larger piece of the cake and will be charged to take large sums in hand.

With every new acquisition, the competitive situation between the publishers and gaming platforms is martially tense because the number of independent publishers is becoming less and lower while the market is dominated by a few giants. Which gaming acquisitions could be considered next, Let’s show you here in our picture line:

XBox, EA, Take-Two and Co: Gaming Giants in the Rush

Toked by developers, studios and publishers have been in the gaming industry for a long time for everyday life. Electronic Arts bought in recent years, among other things, ResPawn Entertainment and Codemasters, while PlayStation Insomniac Games, Housemarque and Bluepoint Games incorporated.

GTA-Publisher Take-Two put over 12 billion US dollars for the mobile games giant Zynga ** on the table, while Xbox has its shopping tour from the Minecraft makers Mojang Studios over Zenimax (parent company of Bethesda) Expeduced to Activision Blizzard King. But the end of the acquisitions is guaranteed not yet reached.