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For fantasy fans and bookworms, finding a great fantasy series is not so easy. While there are a lot of great stories, which you are practically devouring, if you read them first, but looking after that you always encounter some works, which are too much to the big classics like the Lord of the Rings. As much as we the game of the gods also love, it’s another epic fantasy series. No wonder, after all, Tolkien’s work has been so basking that it simply represents the basis of the following decades.

But even the legendary Harry Potter series has provided for a lot of imitators such as the series of heirs of the night – Vampire School or Wizard School, it runs out in the same way. Anyone looking for something new for his reading room, we help today with a few darlings. Editor Matthias has rummaged in his own bookshelf, but also fantastic worlds away from his own plate. Do you also fall for great, unusual fantasy novels that you can recommend us in return? Then she writes us in the comments!

The quirky world of Zamonia from Walter Moers

Captain Blaubär With his sailor’s yarn, many of us is a term, for example through the fun segments of the broadcast with the mouse. But behind the figure a complete world hides on books of Walter Moers. The twisted Zamonies is up to the top of creatures, cultures, places and stories that take place pleasantly from other fantasy novels. Very good because you can read the books mostly independently of each other, they rarely build on each other: Rumo looks like a children’s book, but is packed up with drama, tragedy, tension and action. Of course, it may still be funny. Source: Amazon

  • The 13 1/2 life of the Captain Blaubär : A fantastic entry into the Moers world, where we will be kidnapped into a fun world full of fantasy. As a protagonist, a young Captain serves Blaubär, which, for example, on square sandstorms, dwarf pirates, gossip waves or even time-rotating tornadoes. Many chapters are allusions to famous fantasy works, but unfold their own charm.
  • Rumo & the miracles in the dark: Anyone who wants a classic hero journey with unusual figures and story beats snaps Rumo. We follow the young Wolpertinger Rumo, a kind of dog-human being, which still needs to be a great warrior mousy and gigantic dangers. Again, Moers leaves his imagination free run, thinks of highly walled combat techniques, beings or dishes.
  • The city of dreaming books: A true ode to books and reading – a city like a gigantic bookstore are waiting for a young emerging authors who lack the muse. However, during the smell of old book pages and the aroma of leather invitations is inviting, there are also notorious books that explore the murderous guts of the city like bounty hunters. The dangers lurking there are anything but paper cuts…
  • The maze of dreaming books: The continuation to the previous novel leads our heroes from the first book back, many years later, which is reflected in the new beings of the city, but what happened to him then – with new adventures and terrible secrets. Small warning: the book ends with a nasty cliffhanger!

Of course, this is not the only great Zamonia novels. We can recommend fans of the dreaming book series as well The Booking Rake . But also The Frecksmeister and Ensel and Kreute are a heathens fun when you want more of Moers’ wild world.

Terry Pratchett: The Grand Master with his windscreen world

What the German market is Moers is likely to be for the English room of the legendary Terry Pratchett. His mighty windscreen world comprises over 40 books! There are a wide variety of stories. Times are about the members of the night watch of Ankh-Morpork, whose adventure looks like fantasy thrillers. Maybe you are also interested in witches or even the deathself – for everyone something is there. We show you a few great beginners

  • The colors of the magic: The very first book of the windshield world is a perfect starting point. With the clumsy wizard Rincewind as a protagonist, you will meet the infamous city Ankh-Morapk, but also remote countries of the windscreen world. After all, he has to lead two-flower, the very first tourists of the windscreen world! After this novel you can read the light of fantasy ****, which represents a direct sequel and turns again around Rincewind.
  • Gevated death : In this book, the death of a marginal figure becomes a focus figure with its own book for the first time. Because Protagonist Mort lands instead of a normal training center at the Sensenmann personally, which is very different than intended – for many disc world fans, the relaxed and sympathetic death is even one of the best figures of all novels. The next book with Gevated death is called all Sense and turns back around the snitter that is made mortgage!
  • Guards! Guards! This book puts the foundation for the exciting stories of the city apartment. Under the leadership of Captain Mumm, the colorful pile dissolves the wildest criminal cases on guards and even has to deal with a dragon. Did you like the book, you should directly get the next city hospitality novel Bright Bard . In this, the city cake gets reinforcement of new recruits like a waswolf, a dwarf and a troll. It will also be brandish, because the Assassin Guild was stolen an extremely fatal weapon.

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As I said: These books are just the top of the iceberg, if you are interested in the windscreen world. This complete list can help you find out which volumes with RinceWind are missing or when your should read the fifth elephant and from the post . The latter was already filmed. On page 2 we recommend further fantasy authors with unusual stories!

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