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Final Fantasy 14: On February 19, 2022 the future of the MMOS will be revealed

The letters of the producer live now have a long tradition. In them, Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida talks about the current state of Final Fantasy 14 and introduces the contents of the new updates. On February 19, 2022 it is once again so far and Yoshida-P will be in its 68. LiveBrief talk about Final Fantasy 14 over the next ten years. So if you want to know how it continues with Eorzea in the future, should definitely be on 19. February 2022 at 03:00 o’clock (CET) stop by the official Twitch channel of Final Fantasy 14.

First information about patch 6.1?

We can probably also assume that we will receive new information about the upcoming patch 6.1 during the LiveStream. So far, only things are known, which have already been announced in advance for endwalkers. So it will give a new type of PVP with the Crystal Conflict and the Allianz RAID for 24 players “The Myths Eorzeas” should come into play.

The new residential area in Ishgard should also be opened. In addition, patch 6.1 is expected to start the new history of the main scenario. After the previous action of Final Fantasy 14 finally completed with endwalkers, we may be curious about where the journey will lead us in the future and how long this story is continued this time.

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Your questions to Naoki Yoshida

The information on the future of Final Fantasy 14 (Buy Now 25.98 €), however, are only the first part of the LiveBriefe. In the second part, Naoki Yoshida will answer your questions about FF14: EndWalker. If you are looking for a question on the heart, you can put them in this fordthread and with a little luck will you find your way to the Livestream.