Final Fantasy XIV

“FF7 remake” new information within the year? Mr. Kitase says, “I want to tell the last report this year”

About new information on remake project “ FINAL FANTASY VII Remake (hereinafter FF7 remake) ” commented “Executive Producer” and Kitasusu Kitose commented “I want to tell the last report this year.”

This comment was described “Final Fantasy VII THE First Soldier” official live broadcast # 1 to FFVII 25th Memorial delivery. On the same day, it is also the 25th anniversary of the original version “FINAL FANTASY VII”, and mentions the remake project at the last comment corner of the program.

First of all, “FF7 remake” is also the following report of “FF7 Remake” this year… Maybe… I’m not able to tell… “and I was a bearish Kitase, but the creative director, Tetsuya Nomura,” I’m bad “I would like to say” I would like to tell you about the last report this year, so please wait! “.

Remake projects are rebuilding the original version “FINAL FANTASY VII” as a “formulation”. In the first “FF7 remake”, the early starting of the original version was drawn the early “Midgal escape”, but the story is deeply digging or providing a rich interrupt element and a significant volume I was upgraded.

Soon we want to expect information of “FF7 Remake 2”, but in this work, “FINAL FANTASY VII Remake Intergrade” powered up for PS5 is also on sale. At the same time, a new episode DLC with “Yufi” is the main character.

Mr. Kitase says, “follow-up” is “FF7 remake second work” or “new episode DLC” like Yufi Hen? Let’s look forward to “public information disclosure” statement.