On-Mind, Virtual Human Sua Participated Color Lens Brand Oatre

The Mind (Representative Kim Hyung-il) Virtual Human Sua (SUA) will be launched by Avocado, who operates the Women’s Fashion Crossboard Platform ‘NEACO’ (NECO), I said it 3 days.

Avocado said, “This collaboration was designed to give a new branding and story with existing color lenses,” he said, “Virtual Human ‘Sua’ was participated in the lineup and branding from the product concept plan.” “The” Oaters’ lens, which is presented with Sua, has added a lens production know-how of Phi Vis Tuers, and boasts a design and fit that could not be seen. “

The on-Mind side is the most advantage that you can implement any advertisement, which can be implemented as an intention of any advertisement. This collaboration is very significant, not a simple advertising model, but the virtual model participated in the first time in the world.

In addition, in the production of the “Oatern” product, the ‘Visual Viiv’ studio, which is one of the highest advertisers of the domestic advertising photographer, is involved, and the brand story to allow consumers to increase the understanding of the product beyond the simple photograph It was highly completed.

Sua and presenting ‘Oatre’ products are made up of a total of three lineups. You can see a total of six species for two products by line and are scheduled to be released in February. Domestic is a new “WINC”, which is new as a colored lens shopping platform, is sold in Women’s Fashion Crossboarder Platform ‘NEACO (NEACO) and Lens Platform’ Myiotid.com (MYEOTD.com)

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Avocado is scheduled to launch a campaign image with three lineups, commemorating the launch of ‘Oatre’. This video boasts a colorful and sensual video, leveraging the inspirational universe, flowers and jewelry of each product. Sua in the video shows a smooth charisma with a clear expression and a sparkling eyes, and across the ‘another self’ concept pursuing Otes. It also delightfully expresses the image of the ‘Oatre’ lens only differentiated by technology and design.

Meanwhile, Virtual Human Sua is a Virtual Human with its own slogan called ‘Do what i Want’ and has a unique bright, clean image and a totally charm. I am attracting attention as a virtual influenza via Tiktok and instagram with a photohoen pose. In fact, recently, we have been in a variety of contents, including collaboration with Cosmetics Brand ‘Laneige’, starting with Global Food & Beverage brand ‘Dunvin’.